TiP Participation at the 4S Conference

PhD fellows in the TiP group will be presenting their papers at this year’s 4S Conference in Boston. Michael Hockenhull will present his paper “The Widening Gyre of Data Infrastructure Development” for the panel Engaging with Data: Making Sense of Data on Wednesday August 30, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Sheraton Boston, 3, Beacon E. Bastian Jørgensen will present the […]

Laura Watts receives the Cultural Innovation International Prize

As part of an international team, Laura Watts won the Cultural Innovation International Prize, awarded by CCCB in Barcelona, for The Newton Machine, a community-build energy storage system! The design/ethnography project is with James Auger and Julian Hanna at M-ITI Madeira, the community trust on the island of Eday, Orkney (Scotland), and Mark Hull at […]

Ethnographic Description and Digital Sociology Seminar with Noortje Marres

Noortje Marres guests the TiP group for a seminar. Taking a point of departure in a chapter from Noortje Marres’ most recent book “Digital Sociology” we invite the participants of this seminar to develop the notion of situated analytics. Specifically, we begin by discussing a couple of pre-circulated readings, focusing on how they help us […]


VIRT-EU at the Techfestival in Copenhagen

The research project VIRT-EU will this year participate in the Tech Festival, which will be held in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. On September the 6th, VIRT-EU and the ThingsCon will throw a ThingsCon Salon about ethics and responsibility in IoT. The ThingsCon Salon The ThingsCon Salon Copenhagen aims to create a space for exploration […]

August 16th STS Salon about IoT and Public Governance

On Wednesday August 16th 2017 at the weekly STS Salon, TiP receives a visit from researchers from the Norwegian research project InfraData. TiP urges faculty and other interested parties to join us for talks about the Internet of Things, public governance and infrastructures. The event takes place at the IT University in room 2A08 from 12 pm […]

Grant for Anthropology of Technology Research Network

A new research network sees the light of day! TiP will participate in a research network called “Anthropology of Technology: Future technologies, culture and human practices” that received funding from the Independent Research Council. Anthropology and ethnographic methods are already used to gain insights into human-technology relations in different interdisciplinary fields of technology, but there is […]

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Article in Science Report about Gorm’s research on activity tracking in the workplace

PhD student Nanna Gorm was interviewed for the digital magazine Science Report about her research on activity tracking in the workplace. In a comparison with American activity tracking initiatives, she argues that Danish companies should learn from the mistakes of the American programmes when planning tracking of their employees’ health, and moreover, she emphasises the salience […]

Head of TiP will give a keynote at Infrastructures for Healthcare on June 23rd

Head of the research group TiP, Brit Ross Winthereik will give a keynote at the international conference, Infrastructures for Healthcare (IHC) on June 23rd 2017. Brit’s talk, entitled “The Assiduous Patient as Infrastructure of Health Care”, will deal with ‘wicked problems’, which are problems with a high degree of complexity like how to best share the responsibilities for patient […]

Nanna Gorm and Irina Shklovski receive Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2017

At this year’s CHI conference, researchers from TiP, Nanna Gorm and Irina Shklovski received an Honorable Mention Award for the paper entitled “Finding the Right Fit: Understanding Health Tracking in Workplace Wellness Programs”. The Honorable Mention award is awarded to the top 5% of all submissions to the SIGCHI 2017 conference. The CHI conference received over 2400 […]

Nanna Gorm presenting PhD thesis at Metric Life conference

TiP’s Nanna Gorm will present the latest findings from her PhD project at the Metric Life conference in Aarhus on Thursday June 8th 2017 with the talk ‘Juxtaposing “pushed” and “private” self-tracking’. In the abstract, Nanna Gorm sums up the main points: “Activity tracking technologies are increasingly introduced in workplace settings, either as part of short-term campaigns or […]

IoT and ethics – article about the VIRT-EU project in IDA

IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers, interviewed Associate Professor, Irina Shklovski, from the TiP Group, about the ITU research project, VIRT-EU, and why there’s a need to ensure that future IoT products respect concerns of personal data. In the article, principal investigator of the project, Irina Shklovski argues that many small-scale or start-up IoT companies lack an […]

James Maguire PhD Defence

On Thursday, May 4th between 13:00-16:00 in Auditorium 2, James Maguire will defend his PhD thesis, entitled Icelandic Geopower: Accelerating and Infrastructuring Energy Landscapes. The PhD forms part of the Alien Energy research project, which has been reflecting on the impacts and effects of renewable energy initiatives at the edge, from geothermal energy to marine […]

TiP in Conversation with Anna Tsing and Jamie Cross

We warmly invite you to join us and participate in an extended conversation with Professor Anna Tsing (Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene) and Dr Jamie Cross (Social Anthropology and ‘Energy Data for All’, Edinburgh University) next Wednesday. Both will talk about their current work, and then we invite you to reflect on how this […]

March 9th Data as Relation Launch event

Join us for public talks on big data and public governance in connection with the launch of the new ITU research project, Data as Relation, on Thursday, March 9, from 11.30-13.00. The big data revolution has reached the public sector in Denmark. As a forerunner in Europe, the Danish public sector uses large quantities of […]

OpenITU: Recommended for You Can AI Give Us What We Want?

TiP’s Irina Shklovski will be speaking at the upcoming OpenITU, entitled “Recommended for You: Can AI Give us what we want?” The event takes place on the 10th of February at 16:00-17:30, in ITU’s ScrollBar Recommended for You will take up the issue of AI in predictive preference and recommending systems: All over the internet, […]

VIRT-EU Launch Video live

Did you miss the VIRT-EU project launch event? You can see the whole event here:   Program   The Internet of Things promises an exciting era of innovation but also raises significant privacy and security concerns. With the proliferation of technologies and devices, who is responsible for making sure that our data are treated ethically? […]

VIRT-EU Launch event

Values and Ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe is a new project at ITU funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program. It aims to affect the everyday work of developers, leading to IoT products that are in better alignment with the ethical and social values of EU citizens. To start the year off, […]

publicETHOS: Mining the Web with Hyphe

On December 1st in DesignLab from 13:00-16:00  A lecture and workshop with Mathieu Jacomy, Research Engineer, Science Po médialab, Paris. Can we find our way in the web without Google? The web is not structured as a library, but it is not chaos either. Thanks to graph theory we have a better understanding of the […]

Maintaining Technological Worlds: Care and its ambivalences

On October 10th Marisa Cohn is convening a workshop called Maintaining Technological Worlds: Care and its ambivalences Recent work to develop an analytic of “matters of care” in technoscience (Puig de la Bellacasa 2011) has examined care work in worlds of biology, agriculture, health and heritage often attending to the role of technologies in mediating […]

TiP at 4S/EASST Barcelona

This year, a huge number of members of our research group will be presenting and convening tracks at the EASST/4S conference in Barcelona, August 31st-September 3rd. Here’s a list (updated): T065 The Experimental Organization: Becoming by Doing, co-convened by Brit Winthereik Critique: In Organizational Experiment a paper by Brit Winthereik and Christopher Gad, on T065 Managing […]

Alien Energy: Upcoming Lectures by Stefan Helmreich and Noortje Marres

As part of the closing conference for the Alien Energy research project, we are pleased to invite you to the following public lectures at the ITU in October. Professor Stefan Helmreich “The Water Next Time: Changing Wavescapes in the Anthropocene” Wednesday Oct 19 at 16:00 in Aud 2, IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Abstract Do ocean waves have […]

PhD defence: Anne Kathrine Pihl Vadgard

Anne Kathrine Pihl Vadgaard will publicly defend her thesis entitled: The Election Machine – Generating Danish Democracy The defense will take place: Friday 17. June, 2016 at 13.00, Auditorium 4, IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S Assessment committee: Associate Professor Kimberley Coles, University of Redlands Associate Professor Peter Danholt, Aarhus […]

Lars Rune Christensen appointed member of The Danish Disability Council

Lars Rune Christensen, Associate Professor and present Head of TiP, has been appointed a member of ‘The Danish Disability Council’, where he will be a voice on technology and the life situation of persons with disabilities.  The Council’s tasks are to monitor the situation of disabled people in society, in view of UN Convention on Rights for Persons […]

Nanna Gorm and Irina Shklovski presenting at the CSCW Conference

How can we evaluate activity tracking initiatives in the workplace? Article by TiP researchers on activity tracking in the workplace presented at CSCW conference Nanna Gorm and Irina Shklovski have co-authored an article presenting findings from an observational study of a workplace participating in a step-counting campaign. The paper was presented at the Computer-Supported Cooperative […]

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Special Issue Released: “Environmental Management as Situated Practice”

TiP’s assistant professor Ingmar Lippert announced the publication of a  special issue on environmental management in the key geography journal Geoforum. Entitled Environmental Management as Situated Practice, the collection of papers contributes to theoretical conversations in the borderlands between Science and Technology Studies (STS), Environmental Anthropology, Environmental Sociology, Critical Management Studies and (More-than-)Human Geography. With […]

Public lecture: E-waste, obsolescence and sustainable HCI

The IT-University of Copenhagen March 2nd, 3A12/14 10:00 –12:00 PM Abstract Technological innovation and advancements in manufacturing have turned consumer electronics into an easily replaceable commodity in people’s everyday lives. The result is an ever-increasing cycle of replacement that renders devices obsolete and creates large amounts of e-waste, threatening environmental sustainability. To tackle the problem […]

Christopher Gad Elected chairman of DASTS

Christopher Gad Elected chairman of DASTS At the board meeting for the Danish Association of Science and Technology Studies (DASTS) in September 2015, Christopher Gad voted chairman, after Torben Elgaard Jensen, Aalborg University, had announced his wish to step down. DASTS is the professional association for Science and Technology Studies researchers in Denmark. The aim […]

New head of B.Sc. in Global Business Informatics (GBI)

Associate Professor Steffen Dalsgaard took over as Head of Programme for the B.Sc. in Global Business Informatics on January 1. He is a member of the Technologies in Practice research group, where he studies: 1) democratic technologies and 2) carbon trading from an anthropological perspective. He has previously acted as course manager and lecturer on […]

#DASTS 2016

This year’s Danish STS Conference, Interpellating Futures,  will be held in Aarhus, June 2-3.  The call for papers has just been issued, and two of the sessions have been proposed by members of TiP –  Session 3: Dreams for the Future: technocracy, utopianism, fantasy, anxiety was proposed by TiP’s Rachel Douglas-Jones, Marisa Cohn and Ingmar […]

Dear TIP – Retirement Randi Markussen

On the occasion of her retirement, Randi Markussen issued the following message to the Technologies in Practice research group.  Dear TiP Thank you to all of you who participated in the reception and contributed to making it such an extraordinary fine event. I cannot think of a better way of celebrating retirement. And thanks for the […]

Call for Papers: Digital Evidence

Call for Papers for Philosophy and Technology’s special issue on Digital Evidence Guest Editors Judith Simon (IT University Copenhagen & University of Vienna) Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara University) Introduction Digital technologies of the 21st century are profoundly transforming the nature of evidence and evidential practices in a wide range of domains, including science, medicine, law, […]

Big Data & Ethics – PhD course with Geoffrey Bowker

Big Data & Ethics – PhD course with Geoffrey Bowker Monday May 23 – Tuesday May 24, IT-University of Copenhagen Credits 3.5 ECTS Lecturers Geoffrey Bowker, Professor, UC Irvine, Visiting Velux professor at the ITU Allison Powell, Programme director, London School of Economics & Political Science Rachel Douglas–Jones, Assistant Professor, IT-University of Copenhagen    Course […]

Tea in TiP: Atsuro Morita

Atsuro Morita works as an Associate  Professor of Anthropology at Osaka University, in the Faculty of Human Sciences. He is visiting ITU for 12 months as part of the Environmental Infrastructures research project, which is convened between faculty at ITU, Copenhagen University and the host institution, Osaka University.   Rachel Douglas-Jones: Thanks for finding the […]

Public Talk By Geoffrey Bowker: The Data Citizen

New Modes of Being in the Emergent Internet of Things Public Talk By Geoffrey Bowker The IT-University of Copenhagen April 1st, Aud 2, 14:15 –15:45 PM In his talk Geoffrey Bowker will explore ways in which the experience of being human is being altered through big data analytics. While there is a filiation with the […]

Katerina Psarikidou

Katerina Psarikidou visits #EnvironmentalFutures to discuss urban mobility&low carbon futures

TiP&EnergyFuture’s #EnvironmentalFutures Seminar Series presents Unpacking the multiple temporalities of urban mobilities for configuring low-carbon futures 11th November @ ITU, Room 3A08, 12noon by Dr. Katerina Psarikidou, Department of Sociology, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, UK This paper focuses on the multiple temporal aspects that we need to take into consideration for configuring low […]