Nanna Gorm presenting PhD thesis at Metric Life conference

TiP’s Nanna Gorm will present the latest findings from her PhD project at the Metric Life conference in Aarhus on Thursday June 8th 2017 with the talk ‘Juxtaposing “pushed” and “private” self-tracking’.

In the abstract, Nanna Gorm sums up the main points:

“Activity tracking technologies are increasingly introduced in workplace settings, either as part of short-term campaigns or connected to insurance programs. This type of self-tracking can be referred to as “pushed” self-tracking. This is different from “private” self-tracking, where the initial motivation to track is self-initiated (Lupton, 2016). But how exactly do these modes of self-tracking play out, in practice and when seen in relation to each other?”

Juxtaposing two empirical studies will offer valuable insights into different modes of self-tracking. Nanna Gorm will furthermore discuss how time and timing plays a pivotal role in “private” self-tracking practices, which may easily be overlooked in workplace wellness programs.

About Metric Life

Metric Life is a digital platform relating to the Marie Curie Fellowship project, The Over-examined Life: Ontologies of the Quantified Self, undertaken by Btihaj Ajana from Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies and King’s College London. The project addresses the growing trend of digital self-tracking and fitness monitoring, which has become prevalent in recent years.

Short biographical note

LH5_Ai_MNanna Gorm is a PhD student in the Technologies in Practice research group at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her resear
ch focuses on the use and practices of activity tracking in everyday life. The research builds on empirical work, drawing on both a longitudinal participant-driven photo elicitation study as well as two sets of workplace studies. The goal of the research is to understand how
activity tracking devices are appropriated in every day settings, both at home and in the workplace, in order to inform design of future devices as well as policy making in the area.

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