Choosing to study at ITU means taking a multi-disciplinary degree, with the opportunity to learn how to speak across institutional and disciplinary boundaries. Through their teaching, scholars in the Technologies in Practice research group provide ITU’s degree programs with a foundation in sociotechnical approaches. In our various courses, we put the relationship between society and technology at the centre.

Research Based Teaching

We closely integrate our role as educators with our work as a research group. As a diverse faculty, with scholars from around the world, in our teaching we make use of our insights from our various disciplinary backgrounds (including information studies, history, anthropology, sociology, and critical computer science) to help students address critical questions such as:

  • Why does the history of technology matter in understanding contemporary innovation?
  • How do organisations work with IT in practice?
  • What are the politics of data visualisation?
  • What can we learn from observing encounters with technology?

When we teach, our objective is to further inspire students to become aware of the mutual shaping of society and technology, and the socio-technical challenges of everyday life in highly technologised soceties. Specialisations run by members of TiP allow students to deepen their engagement with the concepts and methods of science and technology studies.

Our Study Programs

Members of TiP primarily contribute to the Global Business Informatics  and Digital Innovation and Management programs. We contribute teaching to the Professional Master in IT Management, as well as the new program in Data Science. We design curricula that address the challenges of inter-disciplinarity, ensuring that students graduating from these programs acquire the skills necessary to work at the intersection of technology and society.

PhD Students

We have a growing number of PhD students in the TiP group, who are working on topics such as the changing status of money in app based systems, digital technologies for weather and the use of big data in society. They participate actively in teaching at ITU, whether as Teaching Assistants, co-teachers or in course design. Their research is invaluable in the classroom, giving students contact with current events and new developments in the field.

Our study programs