4S/EASST Making and Doing Transformations

The 4S and EASST conference is jointly held this July in Amsterdam. Many TiPsters will be going along, as convenors and paper presenters. To learn more about research happening in TiP, take a particular look at these panels:   Panel P144 Tuesday 16th July “Border infrastructures, geopolitical shocks and regulation cracks” Convenors Vasilis Galis, Elena […]

Democratic Situations Wins the Freeman Award

In 2022, TiPster Irina Papazu, along with Andreas Birkbak (Roskilde University), edited a book called Democratic Situations, which was published by Mattering Press. We are so excited that the book has been awarded the 2024 Freeman Award from the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). The Freeman award is named after […]

Tea in TiP with Sébastien Brossard

Rachel: Hi Sébastien, welcome to Tea in TiP. Tell us about your project? Sébastien: I am in the final year of my PhD at the department of Management, Society and Communication at the Copenhagen Business School. My PhD project aims to investigate, from an organizational perspective, the mutual and processual shaping of the implementation of […]

TiP Summer Event

In 2018, editors Christopher Gad, Brit Ross Winthereik and Sisse Finken brought you the TiP Magazine which presented research in the group through the unfamiliar genre of the glossy magazine, twisting and tweaking well known elements like the travel report, recipe and so much more. The TiP magazine was a one off. In 2024, we […]

Tea in TiP with Kirstine Lund Christiansen

Tea in TiP is a series that started a decade ago, where we interview guests who have come to spend time with us, about their projects and activities.The following took place by email in the Spring of 2024, between Rachel Douglas-Jones and Kristine Lund Christiansen, a guest hosted by James Maguire.     Hi Kirstine, […]

Phd Defense: Rasmus Tyge Haarløv 31 May 2024 1pm

Join us to hear about Rasmus Tyge Haarløv’s PhD research “Making Sense of Air Pollution Modelling: Framed Uncertainties” Auditorium 3 The examination committee is: Christopher Gad,  Associate Professor, IT-University of Copenhagen (Chair) Liliana Doganova, Associate Professor, PSL Université Paris, France Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, Senior Researcher, DTU, Denmark Supervisors: Principal Supervisor: Steffen Dalsgaard, Professor, IT University […]

A poster with luminous pink palm trees in the background, a book cover reading In the Land of the Unreal, above a face wearing a headset over the eyes. A photo in a round bubble is of a woman with curly shoulder length brown hair, against pink grass. The right bottom corner has her name, Lisa Messeri, and logos of the Technologies in Practice and Antropologforeningen cover the bottom of the poster.

Lisa Messeri, In the Land of the Unreal

Lisa Messeri, author of Placing Outer Space, has published a new book, titled In the Land of the Unreal. It came out in March, with Duke University Press. On Wednesday 10th April 14:00 CET, you are invited to join us for an online (also in person) book talk from Lisa.   In the book, Lisa takes […]

The Second Issue of Reset Magazine is Out

A group of students and faculty at ITU has taken the initiative to publish writings on the climate in relation to the university, students and technology. The second issue, edited by James Maguire and Michael Hockenhull, reimagines and reckons with the role of students in the climate emergency. Click this link to access the magazine.

Makers, Not Users: Postdigital Technology Education

Congratulations to Simy Kaur Gahoonia on publishing her article of the title ‘Makers, Not Users: Inscriptions of Design in the Development of Postdigital Technology Education’. Read it and learn about design practices in the forming of ‘technology comprehension’ in the public school. Click here to access the publication.

New issue on Digital (Mis)Trust

Christopher Gad just published an article with the title “Trusting elections: complexities and risks of digital voting in Denmark” as part of a special Issue on Digital (mis)trust that James Maguire co-edited at the Journal of Cultural Economy. Click here to access the special issue.

TiPsters in the new issue of STS Encounters

Irina Papazu co-edited the latest issue of STS Encounters, which also contains articles by Steffen Dalsgaard and Rasmus Tyge Haarløv (Mobilising Uncertainties in Air Pollution Science in Copenhagen), Irina and former TiP member Adam Veng (Is Denmark a green entrepreneurial state? Mapping Danish climate politics between civic mobilization and business cooptation), and Christopher Gad (Curating […]

New special issue on Border Control Technologies

Vasilis Galis and his co-authors are behind the 3rd issue of 2023 of Science as Culture, titled ‘Border Control Technologies’.  The special issue asks how border technologies turn borders into a contested space and how they come to matter for specific affected communities, especially migrants. Click here to access the issue.

Nordforsk’s Fast Track to Vision 2030

Barbara Nino Carreras and Vasilis Galis have each their feature in a recent collection of policy brief articles from projects funded by NordForsk or Nordic Energy Research. Barbaras article is titled “Putting People at the Centre of Digital Welfare Services: Towards a socially sustainable Nordic Region”. Vasilis’ is titled: “Digitalising law enforcement: A critical guide […]

Conference on Digital Policing

The CUPP Project (Critical Understanding on Predictive Policing) is organising a new conference in January 2024: The Discreet Charm of Prediction: Critical Understandings of the Digitalization of Policing Over the past 20 years, police organizations and practices across the globe have adopted data-driven tools to predict and prevent crime. This conference will focus on the […]

Welcome to the MUNDI project

A new project, designed by the postdoc in it, Alena Thiel, was recently funded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (at the European Commission) . It is called `Modelling African Futures: A technographic study of evidence-based welfare policy in Ghana´(MUNDI), and focuses on how the window of opportunity for harnessing the developmental potential of the demographic transition […]

Reflections on failures

Jessamy Perriam recently contributed with a chapter to a new book called FailuriSTS, edited by Sybille Lammes, Kat Jungnickel, Larissa Hjorth & Jen Rae in Theory on Demand (#47). It was published about a month ago by the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam and in the volume, failure is considered a productive part of […]

Anthology on Universal Design

Barbara Nino Carreras recently contributed to a chapter called “Towards Digital Accessibility: Disabled Culture and Social Justice” in the first interdisciplinary anthology on universal design in Danish. The book is written by an interdisciplinary research network, established by the Bevica Foundation to strengthen the field of universal design as a research-based and interdisciplinary field of […]

Baki Cakici in Sydsvenskan

Baki Cakici Co-authored a recent opinion piece in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. “Based on scientific research, we are surprised that the Swedish government and the Sweden Democrats intend to push through a population census for Sweden based on new methods”, write Baki Cakici, associate professor at the IT University in Copenhagen, and Hanna Sjögren, associate […]

New Book by TiP and Friends!

A collective piece of work, in the form of a collection of short writings on thinking, making, and intervening in technology worlds, recently came out. Under the title “Reclaiming Technology: a poetic-scientific vocabulary”, the initiators Brit Ross Winthereik and James Maguire asked members of the TiP group, as well as affiliated externals, to contribute with […]

New project in: DIGI-FRONT

Big congratulations to PI Irina Papazu and Co-PI Jessamy Perriam, who landed a significant funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark for their new project Transnational Collaboration at the Digital Frontier (DIGI-FRONT). This project will investigate the potential implications of the pursuit of the digital state in an international context. The digitalization of the welfare state […]

New Publication by Ingmar Lippert: Digitalisation as promissory infrastructure for sustainability

Supposedly, digitalisation offers new capacities and directions for environmental politics and governance. This chapter critically introduces the discursive trajectories of three ‘developments’, sustainable development, digitalisation and capitalist acceleration. Analytically, I approach these trajectories with the sociology of promises, environmental sociology and science and technology studies. To illustrate how subjects and environments are differently (con)figured at […]

Big Congratulations to Hasib Ahsan for Achieving His PhD

Big congratulations to Hasib Ahsan who achieved his PhD on the 15th of February 2023 Thesis Title: The Role of Human Infrastructure: Investigating Digital Interventions in the Global South Based on fieldwork in five distinct projects, this thesis investigates the role of human infrastructure in the context of digital interventions in the Global South. The […]

The Grand Opening of the Center for Climate IT

On 7 December 2022, the Center for Climate IT launched with an event at the IT University. The afternoon featured a presentation of the center’s vision from Head of Center Steffen Dalsgaard and Associate Professor James Maguire, a talk on climate sustainability at ITU from Vice-Chancellor Per Bruun Brockhoff, and research presentations from ITU-based researchers Associate Professor Anna […]

Kone Foundation Awards Funding for New Project: “Understanding Nordic Digital Order (UNDO) – Digitalisation of Policing in the Nordics, Activism, and Surveillance Oversight”

UNDO will employ a combination of research and artistic inquiry to critically investigate and relay the role and transformation of the digitalization of the police in three Nordic countries, and to mobilize for the protection of civil rights in the age of Big Data. We will conduct academic research that will examine how data driven […]

PhD Defense: Andy Lautrup, 19th December 13:00 Aud 0

On December 19th, Andy Lautrup will defend their dissertation “Generation Carbon: Loss, goodness and youth climate activism in Norway’s oil capital”. The defense will take place in Auditorium 0 at 1pm and be followed by a reception on the first floor of the atrium. All welcome!   Examination committee:Associate Professor, James Maguire, IT-University of Copenhagen […]

layers of mountain landscape in blues, peaches and greys, with the words unsettling landscapes, 2022 annual meeting 9--13 Seattle WA underneath

TiP at AAAs 2022: Unsettling Landscapes

Head of TiP Rachel Douglas-Jones particiapated in the 2022 AAAs, on the invited Executive sessionconvened by Natalie Vena and Sarah Vaughn, and a rountable, co-convened by Anna Weichselbraun and Nick Seaver, on Filing Culture the Management of Anthropological Materials. 

A heart made up of people and technologies on fire, against a background of black and white faded mountains.

4S/ESOCITE: Reunion, Recuperation, Reconfiguration

Knowledges and technosciences for living together   This coming December, colleagues in TiP will be presenting at the international 4S conference, held this year in Cholula, Mexico. Look out for the following papers – click the panel titles to see abstracts! Thursday 8th December 8:30am-10:30am Climate Infrastructures II: Knowledge Infrastructures Development as Method: Building a […]

Amazon 4.0

This project will analyse unique technology-driven green transitions through ethnographic studies of Amazon-focused initiatives in Brazil. The destructive exploitation of the Amazon rainforest has for long been central to the Brazilian economy. In response to its environmental and climatic consequences, recent initiatives propose an economic model supported by advanced ‘4.0 technologies’ that develop local resources […]

TiP @ EASST 2022

CONFERENCE THEME Politics of Technoscientific Futures This years EASST is taking place in Madrid from June 6-9 and it goes without say that the programme of the year is drizzled with participants from TiP. TiPsters that take part in trying to answer and expand on some of the important questions mentioned in the description of […]

Come to a Book Launch!

Democratic Situations eds. Andreas Birkbak & Irina Papazu Come and celebrate the publication of the new book from Mattering Press with us! Time & Place 8 June 2022, 14:00 – 15:30 TANTLab, room 2.3.002a, Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV Program* 14:00 – 14:15 Presentation by the editors 14:15 – […]

Tea in TiP: Katrine Duus

Continuing the tradition of sharing short interviews with visiting researchers and PhD students thorugh Tea in TiP, the second of our three current visitors to sit down for Tea in TiP is Katrine Duus. RDJ: Hi Katrine, tell us about your project! KD: My project is concerned with the experiences and motivations for working through […]

Tea in TiP: Jack Kværnø-Jones

We are lucky to have three visiting PhD researchers at ITU at the moment, and the first to sit down for Tea in TiP is Jack Kværnø-Jones.   RDJ: Hi Jack! Tell us about your project! JKJ: My research looks at the FinTech sector’s influence on retail banking, exploring how financial professionals connect digital technologies […]

TiP Year in Review 2021

The year of 2021 was indeed another fruitful one: we have hosted many wonderful events, accomplished important milestones, visited great exhibitions, and we well published. Before we jump into 2022, let’s look back at the most memorable moments of 2021 and see what we have achieved together. In February, we had 12 new TiP Lexicon […]

TiP Events – October 2021

All TiP Salons will happen both in person at 3F07 (Emil Holms Kanal) and online. Contact Qiuyu Jiang (qiji) for subscription to TiP newsletter for future events and Jessamy Perriam (jper) for more TiP Salon details. 

TiP at 4S Annual Meeting 2021

At the 4S Annual Meeting, 6-9 October, a number of TiP-sters will present! The conference is framed under the theme of “good relations” posing the following question: What does it mean in practice to strive towards good relations as humans, with technologies, in our modes of knowing, within environments, across distance, and with other-than-humans? When […]

Emerging Technologies: The Case of Edge Computing

The Reimagining Digital Infrastructures project (James Maguire, Assistant Professor in TiP and Cristina Canureci) has published a report on Edge Computing. Edge infrastructures–– as a newly emerging computing paradigm––are one form of industry response to the need to diversify our digital infrastructures. While not replacing centralized digital processes, edge is one way, the report argues, […]

Your Holiday Listen – New Podcast Episodes

Just in time for a good listen during the holidays, researchers of the Data as Relation Research project and the Center for Digital Welfare have recently published some new podcast episodes.  Listen to the special series of the Data as Relation podcasts telling the story of digitalization and big data in little Denmark through conversation […]

Digital mazes reinforcing inequality – Professor Brit Ross Winthereik in Ingenøren

In a recent article in Ingenøren, Brit Ross Winthereik, Professor in TiP, discusses issues of ‘digital housekeeping’ in the Danish digitalized welfare state. In the article, Winterheik is raising questions of structural reinforcements of inequalities through placing the responsibility of access to digital services on the citizens. As a high degree self-sufficiency and technical knowledge […]

Call for Papers Special Issue – Digital Mistrust

TiP Researchers Assistant Professor Lise Røjskjær Pedersen and Assistant Professor James Maguire are editing together with Kristoffer Albris, Assistant Professor at Copenhagen University, a special issue on ‘Digital mistrust: Rethinking trust in digitalizing societies’. While there is little agreement within academia, and beyond, as to the precise meaning of the term trust, there is broad […]