Kone Foundation Awards Funding for New Project: “Understanding Nordic Digital Order (UNDO) – Digitalisation of Policing in the Nordics, Activism, and Surveillance Oversight”

UNDO will employ a combination of research and artistic inquiry to critically investigate and relay the role and transformation of the digitalization of the police in three Nordic countries, and to mobilize for the protection of civil rights in the age of Big Data. We will conduct academic research that will examine how data driven technologies affect not only crime solving/prevention but also social inequality and civil rights. This project aspires through artistic inquiry to produce a documentary and through community infrastructuring a counter surveillance application as part of a larger multidisciplinary process that incorporates academic research, art, and algorithm-making in the efforts of civil society to create and sustain spheres of critical public insight and protection of civil rights in connection to digital policing.

The project (EUR 415,500) aims to increase critical civic understanding of the digital surveillance technology used in policing. The police use, among other things, technologies for face recognition, geolocation and predictive smart policing. In order to ensure the protection of privacy and the realisation of citizens’ rights, the project will also involve developing an application that will enable citizens to become aware of public surveillance technologies.

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Big congratulations on the funding to TiP member Vasilis Galis and the rest of his team!

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