Our research

Technologies in Practice is one of Scandinavia’s leading research groups at the intersection of IT and society. Based at the IT University of Copenhagen, we conduct qualitative studies of technologically mediated practices in organisations and everyday life.
The vast majority of societal challenges demand critical engagement with contemporary technologies. Our interdisciplinary environment provides students and researchers with the resources necessary for analysing entanglements of the social and technical with and through IT, foregrounding the mutual shaping of cultures, organisations, people and technologies in practices of design and use.
How we work
Drawing on our diverse intellectual backgrounds, colleagues in TiP conduct field based research that translates into engagements with the academic and wider world. Our approach is empirical, understood in the broadest sense. Whether we draw on the disciplinary traditions of STS, anthropology, HCI or CSCW, the Technologies in Practice research group provides a home for researchers dedicated to better understanding the role of IT changes in contemporary society.
Our research strengths include
  • critical analyses of the use of data and technologies in the digital welfare state
  • the social life of algorithms
  • contemporary energy and carbon data landscapes
  • the use of digital technologies by migrants
  • digital privacy and trust
  • values and ethics in connected technologies
  • IT in education.
You can read more about our current projects here, and the breadth of themes TiP researchers focus on in our Lexicon.

Current projects

We currently host to multiple external grants, and our work has been supported by national and international funders, such as the Danish , Nordforsk, the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, the Innovation Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Velux Foundation, the Wenner Gren Foundation.

Critical Understanding of Predictive Policing

CUPP explores how institutional and social values are embedded in data-driven police innovations in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Moving Data Moving People

investigates the lived experiences around the Chinese Social Credit System


The Social Life of Carbon project is a 4-year (2019-2023) research project aimed at gaining a novel understanding of the social and cultural challenges of living with ‘carbon’ in the form of emission data

Welfare after Digitalization

The WAD project examines the many and varied consequences of public sector digitisation in Denmark. 

Rohingya mHealth

Increasing Access to Healthcare for the Rohingya Community in the Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

Past projects

Data as Relation

Data as Relation explored how big data is generated, negotiated and used in governance.


VIRT-EU was Values and ethics In Responsible Techology in EUrope – a European project funded by the Horizon 2020 program.


Ecoknow was a 16m DKK project from Innovation Fund Denmark which linked technology and practice of adaptive case management


DIGINAUTS - Migrants' Digital Practices in and of the European Border Regime

TiP magazine

A glossy magazine about our work.

Alien Energy

A project about energy futures.