Head of group

Rachel Douglas-Jones Associate Professor


Adam Veng Research Assistant

Research interests Citizenship, ethics, critical action research, Anthropological perspectives on Denmark, Anthropological methods and theory.

Research interests Environmental and climate anthropology, decolonial approaches to environmental issues, carbon accounting, fossil fuels, ethnographic methods, value theory

Baki Cakici Associate Professor and Head of DIM

Research interests surveillance, classification, big data, social studies of algorithms, politics of numbers, history of computing.

Research interests digital welfare, informal work, intersectionality, inclusion in practice, ethnography, participatory design

Björn Karlsson PhD Fellow

Research interests Ontology, epistemology, philosophy of science, political philosophy, welfare studies About I am a PhD student working in the “Critical Understanding of Predictive Policing” project with a focus on the Danish intelligence-led policing system POL-INTEL. My background is in social movement studies, and my research interests include ontology, epistemology, philosophy of science, political philosophy, […]

Brit Ross Winthereik Full Professor

Research interests Standardization, accountability, development studies, information infrastructures, shared care, Science and Technology Studies (STS), ethnography, healthcare IT.

Research interests Imaginaries and infrastructures of energy, data and digitalisation, matters of geographical conditions and environments, politics of care, practices of governance, standardisation, classification

Christopher Gad Associate Professor

Research interests Science & Technology Studies. (Post-)Actor-Network Theory. Lateral thinking. Ontological multiplicity and complexity. The promises, aspirations and challenges related to information technologies, digitalization and computational thinking in theory and practice. Ethnographic, virtual, micro-sociological, mixed, and non-foundationalist approaches. Democracy, elections and disability. Bureaucracy and organizational theory. Fisheries inspection & surveillance.

Research interests Digitalization, Digital healthcare, Healthcare IT, Patient portals, Infrastructures, Care work and data work, Ethnography, Science and Technology Studies, Sociotechnical imaginaries

Hasib Ahsan PhD Fellow

Research interests ICT for Development (ICT4D), e-Agriculture, e-Health, Digital Innovation, Design Thinking and Co-Creation, Technology and Social Change, International Development.

Ingmar Lippert Associate Professor

Research profile How do the digital and the social meet? This question powers my research. I explore the situated politics at the heart of the “digital society”, pushing me to analyse the structures and nitty-gritty contingencies of power, knowledge, technology and science. I specifically focus on data practices – the management of and through data, […]

Irina Papazu Associate Professor

Research interests Ethnography, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Politics, Energy and the Environment, Climate Change and Green Transition, Governance and Public Sector Digitalization

James Maguire Assistant Professor

Research interests Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Politics, Energy and the Environment, Data and the Digital, Datacenters, Iceland, Denmark

Jessamy Perriam Assistant Professor

Research interests Public sector digital transformation, digital sociology, cyber security in everyday life, failure, demonstrations of knowledge and expertise, qualitative digital methods. Bio I am an assistant professor in the Department of Business IT and a part of TiP and the ETHOS Lab. Prior to joining ITU, I was lecturer in sociology at The Open […]

John Mark Burnett PhD Fellow

Research interests Science and Technology Studies (STS), Healthcare IT, Critical Data Studies and Governance

Kasper Friis Rasmussen Research Assistant

Research interests Philosophy of science, STS, Human/Technology relations, Ethnography, Anthropology, Storytelling, Subjectivation processes 

Research Interests Science and Technology Studies (STS), governance and public sector digitalization, state-subject relationships, structural inequality, privacy, human-technology relationships, ethnography, inter-disciplinary research.

Katrine Meldgaard Kjær Assistant Professor

Research interests Health and digitality; health activism; interdisciplinarity; thinking differently with and through data; digital methods; eclectic research design; health controversy   I am currently working on the three-year research project Controversial Healings: making sense of medicinal cannabis debates, which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. The project tracks digital activism and debates about medicinal cannabis leading […]

Lara Reime PhD Fellow

Research interests Anthropology, Gender & Technology, Self-tracking, materialization of bio data, embodiments, design 

Lars Rune Christensen Associate Professor

Research interests Digital Welfare, Information and Communication Technology for Develeopment (ICTD; ICT4D), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Lea Enslev PhD Fellow

Research interests About Lea Enslev, click here

Mace Ojala Research Assistant

Research interests Software Studies, STS, Philosophy

Marisa Cohn Associate Professor

Research interests Science and Technology Studies (STS), Ethnography, Design Anthropology, Software Studies, Infrastructure Studies, Feminist Technoscience, Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Critical Making, Materiality of Computing, Technological Obsolescence, Temporality, Long-Lived Systems, Politics of Design Research Areas Science and Technology Studies (STS), Ethnography, Design Anthropology, Software Studies, Infrastructure Studies, Feminist Technoscience, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design.

Merethe Riggelsen Gjørding ETHOS Lab Manager

Research interests Community-based participatory research; feminist methodologies; surveillance technology; automated decision making; criminalization processes; transformative justice; anti-carceral feminism Bio I (she/her) have a background in ethnology (BA) and gender studies (MA); having especially focused on processes of criminalization and delved deep into feminist methodologies. I have previously worked at the Law Faculty at the University […]

Research interests Science and technology studies, ethnography, data visualization, speculative design, political economy, digital methods, digital humanities, information infrastructures, philosophy of software

Pedro Ferreira Associate Professor

Research interests Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), affective health, mobile life, repair (especially as applied to the cycling industry),

Qiuyu Jiang TiP Research Group Assistant

Research interests Transnational migration, Africa-China relations, Contemporary China, Urban studies

Research interests Green Transition, Valuation Studies, Economic Anthropology, Urban Studies, Energy and the Environment, Science and Technology Studies  

Sisse Finken Associate Professor
Steffen Dalsgaard Professor

Research interests Social anthropology, ethnography, qualitative methods, state and bureaucracy, democracy, elections and voting, anthropology of politics and economy, hierarchy and status, leadership, climate change and environment, carbon, oil, capitalism, exchange, the Pacific (Papua New Guinea), time and temporality, development, globalisation Educational background Ph.d. in Anthropology and Ethnography, Aarhus University 2010 (dissertation title: All the […]

Thorben Simonsen Assistant Professor

Research interests Building on my PhD work on architecture, public health and the design of novel spaces of care, I am currently interested in developing the notions of ‘digital spaces’ or ’digital spacings’ as heuristics for thinking about and researching how digitalization opens, closes, distorts and/or enables care practices, accountability and governance relations, as well […]

Vasiliki Baka Associate Professor

Research interests Organisational reputation managing practices, User-Generated-Content Websites, Social Collaboration Platforms, Process Philosophy, Becoming, Practice Lens, Performativity, Virtual Ethnography, Netnography, Travel & Hospitality, Sustainability in developing countries, Philosophy of Science and Technology Educational Background PhD in Information Systems 2012, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Title: The becoming of social media: The role of […]

Vasilis Galis Associate Professor

Research interests Disability, social movements, counter-information media, digital resistance, Border Studies, social study of ICT, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory, ICT activism, critical disability studies, epistemological politics

Previous affiliates

Research interests Social and environmental Anthropology, China and Chinese minorities in an age of digitalisation and technological development, technologies in resource extraction, science and technology studies (STS)

Research interests Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory (ANT), Big Data, Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI), politics of methods, governance of new and emerging technologies, science policy and funding, scientometrics, knowledge management.

Research interests Social networks, social practices, personal relationships, privacy & trust, disaster response & recovery, social resilience, HCI, interaction design, big data, location-based social applications, surveillance and politics of access Bio I am an associate professor in the Technologies in Practice and Interaction Design (IxD) research groups at the IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark. […]

Research interests My research is placed at the interface between political science and science and technology studies (STS). It focuses on questions of politics, citizenship and democracy, particularly in relation to new technology and European welfare states. My work has been conceptually underpinned by an ambition to develop post-disciplinary and post-foundationalist modes of political analysis […]

Research interests Artificial Life, Anthropology of Science, History of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Research interests Katja de Vries is a postdoctoral legal researcher and philosopher of technology.  In October 2016 she defended her PhD thesis “Machine learning/Informational fundamental rights. Makings of sameness and difference”.

Research interests About Lasse Blond, click here

Research interests Feminist theory and methodology, monster theory, creative writing, the speculative genres, digital storytelling practices (creepypasta, the digital weird, the digital Gothic), hauntology

Research interests Health-tracking, Health technologies, encounters with health data, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Research interests Researcher at the interdisciplinary project DIGINAUTS (ITU) where we investigate the digital practices of migrants on arrival sites and en-route to Europe. Background in Architecture Engineering and a PhD thesis that focuses on global/world cities and migrants’ emancipatory and innovative practices.Primary research areas include critical urban theory, feminist methodologies and theory of intersectionality and […]