Steffen Dalsgaard


Research interests

Social anthropology, ethnography, qualitative methods, state and bureaucracy, democracy, elections and voting, anthropology of politics and economy, hierarchy and status, leadership, climate change and environment, carbon, oil, capitalism, exchange, the Pacific (Papua New Guinea), time and temporality, development, globalisation

Educational background

Ph.d. in Anthropology and Ethnography, Aarhus University 2010 (dissertation title: All the Government's Men: State and Leadership in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea).

Research projects

Current research projects:

DemTech (link:

Carbon Politics (link:

Editorial work: Jordens Folk (editor-in-chief 2010-2012)

Selected publications

Forthcoming (with Morten Nielsen). Introduction: time and the field. Social Analysis 57(1).

Forthcoming. The time of the state. Social Analysis 57(1).

Forthcoming. The field as a temporal entity and the challenges of the contemporary. Social Anthropology 21(2).

2011. The Battle for the Highway: place and non-place in Manus, Papua New Guinea. Paideuma 57: 231-49.

2009. Claiming culture: new definitions and ownership of cultural practices in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 10(1): 20-32.

2008. Facework on Facebook: the presentation of self in virtual life and its role in the US elections. Anthropology Today 24(6): 8-12.

2007. 'I do it for the chocolate': an anthropological study of blood donation in Denmark. Distinction 14: 101-17.