Nanna Gorm


Research interests

Health-tracking, Health technologies, encounters with health data, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)


Gorm, N., & Shklovski, I. (2016). Sharing Steps in the Workplace: Changing   Privacy Concerns Over Time. CHI’16.

Gorm, N., & Shklovski, I. (2016). Steps, Choices, and Moral Accounting: Observations from a Step-Counting Campaign in the Workplace. CSCW '16.

Heyer, C., Shklovski, I., & Gorm, N. (2013). Making a home for social media. Ubicomp '13.


Fall 2015: Critical Big Data Management (Teaching assistant)

Spring 2015: Co-teaching Big Data and Processes (BIDAP)


Shklovski, I., & Gorm, N. (2016). Self-surveillance or an adversarial relationship with the self? CHI’16, Workshop paper.

Gorm, N., & Shklovski, I. (2016). Health-tracking in the Workplace: Empirical and Methodological Considerations. CSCW’16, Workshop paper.

Gorm, N., & Shklovski, I. (2015). Collateral Realities of Wearable Health Technologies in the Workplace. CSCW 15’, Workshop Paper.

Previous education

MA Communication Studies and Health Promotion (Roskilde University)