Vasiliki Baka

Associate Professor

Research interests

Organisational reputation managing practices, User-Generated-Content Websites, Social Collaboration Platforms, Process Philosophy, Becoming, Practice Lens, Performativity, Virtual Ethnography, Netnography, Travel & Hospitality, Sustainability in developing countries, Philosophy of Science and Technology

Educational Background

PhD in Information Systems 2012, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Title: The becoming of social media: The role of rating, ranking and performativity in organizational reputation making)

MSc in Information Systems and Organisations (Research) 2007, London School of Economics and Political Science.

BSc in Business Administration- Specialization

Management Information Systems, Athens University of Economics & Business, 2006

Selected publications and presentations

Baka, V. (2016). “Formative Reputation: From being an organizational asset to becoming a process in the making.” Corporate Reputation Review 19 (2): 152-165. doi:10.1057/crr.2016.4

Baka, V. (2016). “The Becoming of User-Generated Reviews: Looking at the Past to Understand the Future of Managing Reputation in the Travel Sector.” Tourism Management 53: 148–62. doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2015.09.004.

Baka, V. (2015). “Understanding Valuing Devices in Tourism through “Place-making”,” Valuation Studies 3 (2): 149–180. 

Baka V. (2015). “Practicing theory and theorizing practice: Using an Open Collaborative Platform to facilitate meaningful interactions between academia and industry", 2nd Annual World Open Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, 2015.

Baka V. (2015). “Co-creating an Online Governance Platform: A Call for Cross-organization Openness", Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver 2015.

Baka V. (2015). “Participatory citizen making in Zambia: An (online) intervention that matters", International Conference in Urban Property, Governance and Citizenship in the Global South, Copenhagen, 2015.

Baka V. (2014). “Designing an Integrated Open Innovation System: Towards Organizational Wholeness”. In Proceedings of The International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Pages 11, 9 pages.

Baka V. (2014). “The Becoming of Reputation-making Routines: Bridging the Practice Lens with Process Studies”, Sixth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies: Organizational routines: How they are created, maintained, and changed, Rhodes 2014.

Baka V. (2013) “Place-Making and the Performativity of Travel Strategies: When emergent technologies facilitate the enactment of strategizing”, International Conference in Tourism: Trends, Impact and Policies on Sustainable Tourism Development, Limassol, Cyprus, June 2013. Baka V. & Scott, S., V. (2012) “The circle of (il)legitimacy and a revised agenda for reputation management in the era of social media ”, The Co-Production of Knowledge: Social Media, STS and …, York, UK, July 2012.

Baka V. & Scott, S., V. (2011) “Exploring the ‘becoming’ of social media: The entanglement of TripAdvisor algorithms in the transformative processes at work in the travel sector”, Third International Symposium on Process Organization Studies: How Matter Matters: Objects, Artifacts and Materiality in Organization Studies, Corfu, June 2011.

Baka V. & Scott, S., V. (2011) “The circle of (il)legitimacy and a revised agenda for reputation management in the era of social media ”, EGOS Conference, Gothenburg Sweden, July 2011.

Baka, V. (2010) Towards a deconstruction of collectively produced wisdom as an organisational tool in the context of Web 2.0, EGOS Conference, 30/6-5/7, Lisbon, Portugal.

Baka, V. (2009) ‘Expanding the methodological lenses to study User-Generated-Content: Drawing examples from the Travel sector’, Quadrangular Conference in Technology, Organizations & Society 2009 "Identity, Policy and Innovation in the Information Society", June, Cambridge, UK.

Baka, V. and S.V. Scott (2009) Web 2.0 and User-Generated-Content in the travel industry- Next step, or current reality?, 4th International Scientific Conference, “Planning for the Future – Learning from the Past: Contemporary Developments in Tourism, Travel & Hospitality”, International Conference in Tourism, 3-5 April 2009, Rhodes island, Greece.

Baka, V. and S.V. Scott (2008) 'From studying communities to focusing on temporary collectives: Research-in-progress on Web 2.0 in the travel sector.' OASIS, IFIP 8.2 Workshop, Paris, Dec 13.

Vasiliki Baka and Susan V. Scott (2008) "From Studying Communities to Focusing on Temporary Collectives: research-in-progress on Web 2.0 in the travel sector" Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, LSE. Working Paper Series, No. 171. ISSN 1472-9601


Open Innovation & Design, elective on M.Sc. in IT, Digital Innovation & Management, ITU

Philosophy of Science and Technology, core course on Global Business Informatics, Digital Media and Design and Software Development Bachelor degrees, ITU.

eBusiness, core course on MA International Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, Alpine College

IS143 Information Technology and Society, LSE (TA)

IS 476/ 484 Information Risk and Security/ Aspects of Information Risk and Security, LSE (TA)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Holder of the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Full Certificate)