Vasiliki Makrygianni


Research interests

Researcher at the interdisciplinary project DIGINAUTS (ITU) where we investigate the digital practices of migrants on arrival sites and en-route to Europe. Background in Architecture Engineering and a PhD thesis that focuses on global/world cities and migrants’ emancipatory and innovative practices.Primary research areas include critical urban theory, feminist methodologies and theory of intersectionality and migration studies. Current research interests focus on Science and Technology Studies (STS), digital space and social media and feminist technoscience.

Selected publications

Galis V.& Makrygianni V. (Forthcoming) ’Analog flows in a digital world: moving populations, space and digital resistance in the Greek territory’.

Bak Jorgensen M. & Makrygianni V. (Forthcoming, Spring 2019) ‘A migrants’ tale of two cities: commoning practices and the alteration of the urban space in Athens and Hamburg’ in Özkan D. & Büyüksaraç G. Commoning the City.  Routledge.

Makrygianni V.,Tsavdaroglou, Ch.& Petrakos.K (2017). “The Golden ‘Salto Mortale’ in the Era of Crisis: Primitive Accumulation and Local Urban Struggle in the Case of Skouries Gold Mining in Greece.” City 21 (3–4): 428–47.

Makrygianni V. (2016) ‘Migrant squatters in the Greek territory: Practices of resistance and the production of the Athenian urban space’ in Mudu, P., and  Chattopadhyay S., (eds.) Migration, Squatting and Radical Autonomy. Routledge.

Makrygianni V. (2015) ‘Gender Conflicts in critical spaces : the banality of sexism  in Athens’ public spaces’, in  Encounters and Conflicts in the city group, URBAN CONFLICTS,Urbanconflicts,Thessaloniki (in Greek).

Makrygianni V.& Tsavdaroglou H., (2015) The right to the city reversed: the Athenian right to the city in a crisis era’, in Eckardt F., Sánchez Ruiz J.(eds.) City of Crisis, The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities, Verlag.

Makrygianni V. (2014) ‘Moving populations and emancipatory practices in contemporary Athens’ Geographies, Vol.24, Exantas, Athens (in Greek).

Makrygianni V. and Tsavdaroglou H.( 2013) Occupy urban space: dialectic of formality and informality in Greece in the era of crisis, (2013) in N. Catak, E. Duyan, S. Secer (eds) Rethinking The Urban DAKAM’s CUI '13 Contemporary Urban Issues Conference,vol. Ι, pp. 87-98, Istanbul.