New project in: DIGI-FRONT

Big congratulations to PI Irina Papazu and Co-PI Jessamy Perriam, who landed a significant funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark for their new project Transnational Collaboration at the Digital Frontier (DIGI-FRONT).

This project will investigate the potential implications of the pursuit of the digital state in an international context.

The digitalization of the welfare state is increasingly influenced by ideas and technologies originating outside the national context. Intensive knowledge sharing occurs across borders and between countries that are traditionally considered quite different. The project focuses on the dynamics and consequences of this knowledge sharing of “best practices” in digitalization.

The project specifically examines collaboration between Denmark, England, and Israel. Despite their differences, these countries are deeply connected in transnational networks at both multilateral and bilateral levels. This connection includes the exchange of artifacts, expertise, and participation in international events such as delegation meetings and conferences. However, the project seeks to answer questions about what happens to the Danish welfare state when learning from Israel and what it means when we adopt code from England for the development of Danish citizen service portals. These are just some of the questions that the project aims to address.

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