TiP Summer Event

In 2018, editors Christopher Gad, Brit Ross Winthereik and Sisse Finken brought you the TiP Magazine which presented research in the group through the unfamiliar genre of the glossy magazine, twisting and tweaking well known elements like the travel report, recipe and so much more.

The TiP magazine was a one off. In 2024, we took inspiration from it to make the TiP Zine, a different format. We made the zine at our summer event on June 13th, 2024, and will make it available in due course! In the meantime, here are some ‘in progress’ photos.


a whiteboard coverd in post-it notes and white pieces of paper. a clock above, two people concentrating in the bottom left corner of the shot.a long table covered in pens, paper , boxes, zines, glue, paper, scizzors. five pepole sit around it, two on laptops, the others working on A4 pages. there is an atmosphere of activity

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