Democratic Situations Wins the Freeman Award

In 2022, TiPster Irina Papazu, along with Andreas Birkbak (Roskilde University), edited a book called Democratic Situations, which was published by Mattering Press.

We are so excited that the book has been awarded the 2024 Freeman Award from the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST).

The Freeman award is named after Chris Freeman, a Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex, deeply committed to social change for a more just and sustainable world. The award in his name is given to a publication “which is a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with other disciplines or areas of study”


The committee awarding the prize said


This year – 2024 – has been marked out a singly significant year for democracies across the world as so many important elections will take place that are likely to shape the course of the rest of the decade. Consequently, what we understand by democracy, how it operates in all of its messy complexities, is at the forefront of many of our thoughts at this time.

Democratic Situations makes a timely contribution by its exploration of the relationship between STS thought and democracy. The book looks anew at how ideas from political theory have come into STS circles and how STS topics are now so central to political debate. We are introduced to the notion of technodemocracy and to regard democracy as a ‘materially entangled phenomenon’ (p17).

The book is published open access by Mattering Press, which will help ensure it reaches a wide readership. While the book addresses itself more to the STS community than political theory or science, there is enough here to appeal to other audiences and generally the style is lucid and accessible.


Huge congratulations to Irina, Andreas and the authors in the collection. Download your own Open Access copy here.


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