4S/EASST Making and Doing Transformations

The 4S and EASST conference is jointly held this July in Amsterdam. Many TiPsters will be going along, as convenors and paper presenters. To learn more about research happening in TiP, take a particular look at these panels:


Panel P144
Tuesday 16th July “Border infrastructures, geopolitical shocks and regulation cracks”
Convenors Vasilis Galis, Elena Raviola, Vasilis Vlassis and Luna Secher Rasmussen.

Panel P032
Thursday 18 July “Digital Public Goods and the future of the state”
Convenors Alena Thiel, Baki Cakici and Bidisha Chaudhuri

Panel P395
Wednesday 17th July “Digital statecraft”
Convenor Julia Valeska Schröder, paper by Luna Secher Rasmussen

Panel P046
Thursday 18th July “Digital Nationalisms” (convened by Aaro Tupasela and Nelli Piattoeva), paper from DIGIFRONT

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