STUDENTS: Spend Your Winter Term 2015 Abroad – Apply for the Hilti Fellowship Program Application Deadline: May 1, 2015 Hilti awards the most talented Master students in Information Systems, IT, and Management from Europe with a truly unique fellowship program: The Hilti Fellowship is a combination of practical training at Hilti and academic learning at the University of Liechtenstein, designed […]

New Book release by ITU researcher Pernille Bjørn

New Book release by ITU researcher Pernille Bjørn: “Sociomaterial-Design: Bounding Technologies in Practice” takes on the challenge of redefining design practices through insights from the emerging debate on sociomateriality. It does so by bringing forward a comparative examination of two longitudinal ethnographic studies of the practices within two emergency departments – one in Canada and one […]

Interview with PhD fellow Anne Kathrine

Anne Kathrine is studying a PhD in the Technologies in Practice research group. She has a bachelor- and a master degree in Anthropology from the University of Aarhus, where she wrote her master thesis in collaboration with Microsoft. During this time she also attended courses at the IT University. She started her PhD in August […]

Does distance still matter?

Pernille Bjørn, Head of Technologies in Practice, who recently had an article accepted in TOCHI. The article is a comparative study of four cases in global software development questioning the CSCW fundamentals on distance – by Pernille Bjørn, Morten Esbensen, Rasmus Eskild Jensen, and Stina Matthiesen. The article is analyzing the fundamental aspects of distance as […]

Te(a) i(n) TiP: Anna Wallsten

TiP welcomed Anna Wallsten for 9 weeks this semester, and she took part in our informal interview series, this time with Marisa Cohn. Marisa: Tell us about your visit – where are you coming from and how long are you visiting us in Copenhagen? Anna: I’ve been here for about 9 weeks. I’m from Linköping […]

What do industry want of Global ITU students – advises for ITU students specialising in global collaboration before starting their master thesis

Meet representatives from Tata Consulting Services, L&T InfoTech, Trellis, and Danske Bank trying to answer the question: What do industry want of Global ITU students; as part of the DIM Global Relation specialisation. Tuesday November 25th 13:00-14:30, Room 5A14/16. Open lecture, all students are welcome. The event is organized as 4 small presentations, and a […]

Life of a PhD fellow at the ITU

Rasmus Eskild Jensen turned in his PhD thesis this August, exactly three years after starting the project. His PhD is about globally based software development teams and the challenges of working across geographical distance. He has shared his insights on what it means being at PhD fellow in the Technologies in Practice department at ITU. […]

Sidsel Thaarup won the 2014 ESST European Award

Sidsel Thaarup, an undergraduate student at the Global Business Informatics programme, won the 2014 ESST European Award.
Undergraduates of all fields, studying at different European universities were invited to write an essay on the connection between science, technology and society.

We are very proud of Sidsel’s achievement. Congratulations and good luck with the next steps! The essay […]

Open Lecture: Neha Gupta, Xerox Research “Being a turker in India”

Room 5A14/16: Tuesday November 18th Neha Gupta, Xerox Research, will present her most recent research on crowdsourcing and in particular report results from her ethnography study of turkers in India. The lecture is part of IT-mediated and networked practices on the global relation specialisation at the DIM program. The event is organized by Pernille Bjørn, […]

Call for papers for ECSCW 2015

Call for papers for ECSCW 2015 held 19-23 September 2015 in Oslo, Norway In 2015 the European Conference o Computer-Supported Cooperative Work – ECSCW – will be held September 19-23 in Oslo, Norway. ECSCW is a series of international conferences on computer-supported cooperative work located in Europe. The conference website is: http://www.ecscw2015.eu CSCW focuses on […]

ITU students working with Indonesia, Finland, and USA

VIBu is an online business simulation game, which joins students across the world in small virtual teams. The teams work in real time as they collaborate, negotiate and strategize to run their own companies manufacturing and producing goods. Decisions has to be made fast and so the communication, which relies on digital platforms, has to […]

A look into Crowdsourcing Week

Last week Crowdsourcing week took place at the IT University and during the course of three days, 40+ crowdsourcing experts gave talks about the subject. From many different perspectives it was covered how the crowd is transforming the way the world is doing business, what the shift means for different industries, how the crowd can […]

TCS invites talented programmers to join the Codevita competition

Join the global coding contest CodeVita, hosted by TCS, and have the chance to experience the joy of coding and to sharpen your programming skills through real-life computing practices. TCS, Tata Consulting Services, is one of the biggest IT developers in the world and has it’s headquarters in India. You will be competing against global […]

Making futures

“What does the future mean to you? What does it mean to design a future in your world, on your coast?” (Making Futures Prologue, 2014) The newly launched book Making Futures is an intervention into what we normatively consider as ‘design’, and how we make different futures through many different forms of design practices. Innovation […]

First Schmalenbach prize ever given to an information systems dissertation

During the 68th Conference of the German science- and business-oriented Schmalenbach society in Dusseldorf on September 23rd, the prestigious Schmalenbach PhD thesis award was granted to Dr. Christoph Seebach, a former PhD student of Prof. Roman Beck. The jury gave the 10,000 Euros award to the social media analytics thesis since it illust rates the […]

Crowd Sourcing Week Copenhagen at ITU

The crowd is transforming the way the world does business. Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014 explores the best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across all industries. Taking place Oct 14-16 at ITU, CSW Europe follows a successful global conference in Singapore that saw forward-thinkers from 31 […]

ToChi paper accepted to be published by the end of the year

TiP researchers: Pernille Bjørn, Stina Matthiesen, and Rasmus Eskild Jensen just got accepted a paper into ToChi – which is the ACM International Journal on Transactions of Computer-Human-Interaction, and the expectation is that it will be published by the end of this year. The paper is an outcome of the NexGSD research project and since ToChi […]

Special Issue on Software Engineering from a Social Network Perspective

Pernille Bjørn is acting as co-editor in a special issue on Software Engineering from a Social Network Perspective, by SpringerOpen Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA). MOTIVATION In today’s Internet age, the concept of social networks is emerging as both a useful means for understanding software engineering activities and a key principle for designing […]

STS Reading group Spring 2015

The aim of the reading group is to critically engage with current STS related topics and discussions based on selected readings. Previous topics have included ‘The Ontological Turn’, ‘Politics and the Political’, and ‘After Nature?’ Participants from all disciplinary backgrounds with an interest in STS are welcome to join the reading group. If interested, please contact Anne Kathrine Pihl Vadgaard: ankn@itu.dk to get more info.

Garnet Hertz is visiting Technologies in Practice Oct 3rd

Garnet Hertz, Canada Research Chair in Design and Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver Canada is visiting the Technologies in Practice research group at ITU on Friday Oct 3rd 2014. Garnet Hertz is an artist and researcher whose work explores themes of DIY culture and interdisciplinary art / design practices, […]

Technologies of Time – an interdisciplinary PhD workshop

This workshop is aimed at PhD students in a broad variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, history, science and technology (STS) and other related disciplines. The workshop invites papers dealing with the intersection of ‘time work’ and research, and not the least how specific (new) forms of technology reconfigure the temporality of the relation between researcher and object in a field of study.

Te i TiP with Elena Parmiggiani

Elena Parmiggiani is visiting TiP from the Institute of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. She is based in the computer science department there, and is here in Copenhagen between the 8th- 21st September 2014

Launch of Alien Energy Interactive Installation

This weekend, Saturday 6th September 2014, the Alien Energy team (Laura Watts, Brit Ross Winthereik, Louise Torntoft Jensen, James Maguire and Line Thorsen) will be launching an interactive installation in Hantsholm, Northwestern Jutland, Denmark. Hantsholm is the home of the Danish Wave Energy Centre. In their own words, The installation evokes a partly invisible landscape. […]

Nordic STS

In May 2014 people from University of Gothenburg, University of Linköbing, Oslo University, Aarhus University, University of Aalborg and the IT University met. These images illustrate how ‘Nordic STS’ was discussed and performed. Enjoy!

Te i TiP: Adrian Mackenzie reflects on his visit

Adrian Mackenzie was a Visiting Researcher at TiP under the Villum Fond Scheme from April to July 2014. In the interview, he reflects on his visit with the group, his wide range of research activities whilst here and gives us his impressions of Copenhagen.

Te i TiP: Line Marie Thorsen

Line Marie Thorsen is a Research Assistant on the Alien Energy project for six months during 2014, and her role is to develop an exhibition which is both part of the research and an experiment in method for the project. In this ‘Te i Tip’, Line explains how she came to be involved and how her background in Art History prepared her for the collaborative enterprise envisaged.

Data visualizations and radical empiricism

20 June 2014,  10.00 — 16.00hrs. Venue: 3A20, ITU, Rued Langgaards Vej, København, Denmark. With the support of Velux Fonden Adrian Mackenzie (Velux Fonden Visiting Professor, ITU Copenhagen) Anna Munster (College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney) Whether they act as persuasive devices, exploratory instruments or as control surfaces (dashboards), the public life of […]

#OpenIT Spring 2014

Two Technologies in Practice researchers are taking part in this Spring’s OpenIT series, which are talks based on current research. All lectures are open to the public as well as to members of different sections and research groups across the ITU

Tea in TiP: Interview with Visiting Professor Mark Elam

Continuing our series of ‘Tea in TiP’ informal interviews with visitors to the group, here is a conversation with visiting professor Mark Elam. We cover Mark’s professional trajectory, his recent research projects on smoking controversies and the development of nuclear waste management in Sweden, and his plans for future research . Rachel: Hi Mark! Welcome […]

Socialising Big Data

PhD course at the IT University: Socialising Big Data Lecturers Adrian Mackenzie, Lancaster University, Velux Visiting Professor at the ITU in 2014 Ruth McNally, Lancaster University Penny Harvey, University of Manchester Evelyn Ruppert, Goldsmiths College, University of London Organisers Brit Ross Winthereik, Technologies in Practice, IT University of Copenhagen Louise Torntoft Jensen, Technologies in Practice, […]

Tea in TiP: Interview with visiting researcher Hanne Cecilie Geirbo

Welcome to the second in our informal interview series with visitors to the research group.
PhD student Hanne Cecilie Geirbo is visiting TiP from the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. She is a member of the Global Infrastructures research group, and will be in Copenhagen between mid January and mid April.

Tea in TiP: Interviews with visiting researchers

This post inaugurates our informal interview series with visitors to the research group. It is called Tea in TiP because interviewees are invited to share a cup of tea and talk about what they hope to work on while visiting the ITU. Our first visitor to take part in the series is Sara Jensen.

Reading group, Fall 2013

Place: IT University of Copenhagen, Room 2A08 26.9, 3-5pm, : Simulation, guest Lucy Suchman Suggested readings “Animation and automation: the liveliness and labours of bodies and machines” by Lucy Suchman and Jackie Stacey in:  Body & Society 2012 18(1): 1-46 “Animation and automation, or, the incredible effortfulness of being” by Vivian Sobchack, in: Screen 2009 […]

Technological and Political Ontologies

Ph.D. course: Technological and Political Ontologies (5 ECTS) Organizers: Andreas Laumand Christensen, James Maguire & Anne-Kathrine Nielsen, IT University of Copenhagen. Course description In recent years, science and technology studies (STS), anthropology and related social scientific fields have taken increasing interest in turning ‘ontology’ into a topic for empirical study (see, e.g., Mol, 2003; Barry, 2005; […]

The art of writing and reviewing papers

Ph.D. course: The art of writing and reviewing papers (5 ECTS) Organizers: Debra Howcroft, Nina Boulus-­‐Rødje, Pernille Bjørn Lecturers: Debra Howcroft (debra.howcroft@mbs.ac.uk), Manchester Business School Nina Boulus-­‐Rødje (nbou@itu.dk), IT University of Copenhagen, Pernille Bjørn (pbrd@itu.dk), IT University of Copenhagen Date of the course: October 10, 2013 (9:00am-­‐5:00pm)-­‐ October 11, 2013 (8:00am-­‐4:00pm) October 31, 2013 (9:00am-­‐5:00pm)-­‐November 1, […]

Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI 2014)

Project group: Lea Schick (Project Manager), Anne Sophie Witzke (Curator), Trine Plambech (Innovation Specialist), and Ida Egedal Henriksson. What if our cities were powered by artfully designed clean energy generators? Is there an important role for public art to play in the new smart city? In a focused effort to provide some interesting answers to […]

Workshop: Participatory Moves as Parasitic Relations in Senior Healthcare – 1 June 2012

Organized by Peter Lutz and sponsored by CareMoves (EU Project) – 1 June 2012 – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm – ITU Design Lab  (registration is full) This experimental workshop establishes a dialogue on research ‘participation’ in senior healthcare practice including ethnography, design and policy. Its impetus is the observation that participatory research practices often configure or ‘aspire’ older people as […]