Launch of Alien Energy Interactive Installation

This weekend, Saturday 6th September 2014, the Alien Energy team (Laura Watts, Brit Ross Winthereik, Louise Torntoft Jensen, James Maguire and Line Thorsen) will be launching an interactive installation in Hantsholm, Northwestern Jutland, Denmark. Hantsholm is the home of the Danish Wave Energy Centre.

In their own words,

The installation evokes a partly invisible landscape. An energy landscape. A techno-nature. You will be equipped with a walking stick and a set of headphones. The stick will guide you through the dunes near the harbour of Hantsholm

The Energy Walk both communicates and collects new data for the research project Alien Energy, exploring how the development of renewable energy takes shape in Denmark, Iceland and Orkney, Scotland. The Energy Walk is being developed in collaboration with the design company GeekPhysical and the Danish author Peter Adophsen.

To read more about the Alien Energy project, click here. To read an interview with Line Marie Thorsen on the development and thinking behind communicating research in an innovative way, see here.

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