A poster with luminous pink palm trees in the background, a book cover reading In the Land of the Unreal, above a face wearing a headset over the eyes. A photo in a round bubble is of a woman with curly shoulder length brown hair, against pink grass. The right bottom corner has her name, Lisa Messeri, and logos of the Technologies in Practice and Antropologforeningen cover the bottom of the poster.

Lisa Messeri, In the Land of the Unreal

Lisa Messeri, author of Placing Outer Space, has published a new book, titled In the Land of the Unreal. It came out in March, with Duke University Press. On Wednesday 10th April 14:00 CET, you are invited to join us for an online (also in person) book talk from Lisa.   In the book, Lisa takes […]

PhD Defense: Andy Lautrup, 19th December 13:00 Aud 0

On December 19th, Andy Lautrup will defend their dissertation “Generation Carbon: Loss, goodness and youth climate activism in Norway’s oil capital”. The defense will take place in Auditorium 0 at 1pm and be followed by a reception on the first floor of the atrium. All welcome!   Examination committee:Associate Professor, James Maguire, IT-University of Copenhagen […]

A heart made up of people and technologies on fire, against a background of black and white faded mountains.

4S/ESOCITE: Reunion, Recuperation, Reconfiguration

Knowledges and technosciences for living together   This coming December, colleagues in TiP will be presenting at the international 4S conference, held this year in Cholula, Mexico. Look out for the following papers – click the panel titles to see abstracts! Thursday 8th December 8:30am-10:30am Climate Infrastructures II: Knowledge Infrastructures Development as Method: Building a […]

TiP @ EASST 2022

CONFERENCE THEME Politics of Technoscientific Futures This years EASST is taking place in Madrid from June 6-9 and it goes without say that the programme of the year is drizzled with participants from TiP. TiPsters that take part in trying to answer and expand on some of the important questions mentioned in the description of […]

TiP at 4S 2019

This year, many members of TiP are attending the international 4S conference, held in New Orleans. The full program is here but to catch TiP people, check out these panels and presentations!     Wednesday September 4, 1-2:30 Vasiliki Markygianni and Vasilis Galis present “Migrants’ Digital Resistance Practices in the Greek Territory and Borderland” on […]

VIRT-EU at Techfestival – Unforeseeable Futures, Ethics and New Technologies

Saturday, Sep 7 13:00 — 15:00 H15 STRØM, MEATPACKING DISTRICT Join Irina Shklovski and other VIRT-EU members for an interactive session at Techfestival on September, 7th! In the interactive panel, they will challenge people to think about ethics in different and more proactive ways. They will explore ideas around designing for flexibility, for different points […]

Brit Ross Winthereik at Folkemødet 2019 – Can the welfare be digitalized?

Digitalization changes the welfare state. But how do we ensure that it benefits all? Join TiP Professor Brit Ross Winthereik in a debate at Folkemødet, Thursday June 13th. As a consequence of Digitalization, the welfare state is undergoing changes once again. The contact with the public sector is becoming increasingly digital, and the authorities are […]

TiP at the Nordic STS conference 2019 at Tampere University

  The field of science and technology studies (STS) has become increasingly prominent in the Nordic countries. The purpose of the biennial Nordic STS conference is to promote exchange of ideas and collaboration among STS scholars by providing a regional forum for presenting on-going research, networking, and initiating new ideas and conversations. The Nordic STS conference […]

Concepts, Excess and Overflow. An open seminar on the conceptual and its limits.

The Seminar is cancelled. A new date will be announced soon!   8 April 2019, 14:00-16.00, Room 3A08 IT University of Copenhagen Rued Langgaards Vej 7, DK-2300 Copenhagen S   An open seminar on the conceptual and its limits with talks by PROFESSOR STEVE BROWN Department for People and Organisations, The Open University PROFESSOR BODIL MARIE STAVNING […]

TiP Talk by Toni Weller: The Racialisation Of British Women During The Long Nineteenth Century: How White Women’s Bodies Became Tools of Control and Surveillance

4. April 2019, 14.00—16.00 IT University of Copenhagen  Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen Room: Aud. 4 The Technologies in Practice (TiP) research group at the ITU is happy to present one of the leading scholars in the field of information history Toni Weller from De Montfort University, as our next speaker in our TiP Talk Speaker […]

EU Grants and project maturation. Research Seminar with Professor Evelyn Ruppert

8th of March | 9:00-14:00 | Room 4A58 The seminar is for ITU employees only.   We are happy to present you a research seminar focusing on  on the process from interesting ideas to successful funding applications. The first part of the day is open to everyone and does not require sign-up. We will start by hearing about current focus areas in […]

Human answers to how to expand the pool of female talent in STEM?

By Lea Enslev, Research Assistant in TiP Women on the agenda With around 200 debates, workshops and talks asking for “a human response to tech”, and themes spanning from “Democracy”, “Coding”, “Ethics”, “Inclusion”, “Digital wellness” to “Females in tech”, the Techfestival in Copenhagen 2018

TiP Talk by Professor Jennifer Gabrys: How to Do Things with Sensors

The Technologies in Practice (TiP) research group at the ITU is happy to present Professor of Media, Culture and Environment in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge, Jennifer Gabrys, as our next speaker in our TiP Talk Speaker Series. Details Title: How to Do Things with Sensors When and where: Thursday, 22nd of […]

Program for DASTS 2018 at ITU is available

The DASTS Conference is right around the corner, as TiP and the IT University open the doors Thursday the 24th of May. The programme is now available so go check it out here. The theme and title of the conference is Engaging the Data Moment, indicating a moment of collective reflection upon the digitalization and datafication […]

Visiting ERASMUS scholar, Richard Tutton

TiP will be hosting Senior Lecturer Richard Tutton, of the Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University between April 4th and 14th. Richard is visiting through the ERASMUS scheme. CSS was founded in 1986 and has an important centre for the discipline of STS throughout the decades.CSS will also be the host of the 2018 EASST conference, […]

Talk by Winthereik and Maguire at Centre for Social Data Science

On April 20th 2018, Professor Brit Ross Winthereik and Postdoc James Maguire will give a talk on the Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS) as part of their Spring Lecture Series. The title of Winthereik and Maguire’s talk is “Locating the Dataverse: Big Tech and the State”. The lecture will take place at Copenhagen University […]

Streaming of Data as Relation’s After Work Event “Digitale Dilemmaer”

Live-streaming of the event How does digitalisation change the work conditions in public governance, and what are the opportunities and challenges by using data as governing technology? At this after work event, professionals from the public and private sector who work with data and digitalisation can hear about the latest research on datadriven public governance. The after work […]

Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Brit Ross Winthereik

By January 1st 2018, Head of TiP, Brit Ross Winthereik, started a new position as full professor at ITU, where she will continue her research, teaching and public engagement on digital transformations in society. Brit will give her inaugural professorial lecture ‘Seeing through infrastructure: Ethnographies of health IT, development aid, energy, and data’. The lecture […]

Sarah Pink

Stream talk by Professor Sarah Pink: Emerging Technologies and Automated Worlds

On February 1st, TiP and ETHOS Lab were proud to host a talk by Professor Sarah Pink, Distinguished Professor at the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University, Australia. Stream the talk online If you were unable to attend the event, and wonder if it has a digital existence, look no further. On ETHOS Lab’s Facebook page […]

The politics of urban climate risks: theoretical and empirical lessons from Ulrich Beck’s methodological cosmopolitanism

Anders Blok, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology of Copenhagen University, joins TiP’s Environmental Futures seminar series to reconceptualise urban climate politics between wider sociology and Science and Technology Studies. November 20, 2017 15:00–16:30 @ Room 3A08. This talk builds on earlier work published in the Journal of Risk Research.   In the face […]

Talk and Workshop with Nick Seaver

Nick Seaver, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and core faculty in Science, Technology, and Society at Tufts University, visits the ITU and gives a talk about care and scale in the context of digital music streaming and personalization. After the talk, there will be a workshop where participants are invited to collaboratively reimagine potential relationships between […]

DASTS Conference 2018 at the ITU

On May 24th-25th 2018, the ITU hosts the biannual Danish Association for STS (DASTS) Conference. The 2018 DASTS conference is organised by the Technologies in Practice research group. Themes The theme for the conference is the data moment, and DASTS states the following about their 2018 conference: “Given the speculative and hype infused conjuncture we […]

Keynote presentation by Brit Winthereik at the University of Sussex

Head of TiP, Associate Professor Brit Ross Winthereik, will give a keynote presentation at the international workshop “Reconfiguring Care Infrastructures: Austerity and Innovation in European Welfare Services” at the University of Sussex on the 15-16 November 2017. The workshop will explore the reconfiguration of health and welfare in different European settings. The Department of Sociology is […]

ETHOS Lab Installation for Culture Night 2017

If you missed the Requiem of a Spacecraft event at ETHOS Lab, then you have a chance of re-visiting the mission control center that will be set up for Kulturnatten 2017 (Culture Night) at the IT University on Friday, October 13. For Culture Night, ETHOS Lab will also be launching the ‘Googlification Bubble’ allowing visitors […]

Requiem for a Spacecraft

On Friday the 15th of September, the NASA Spacecraft Cassini will conclude its controlled descent into Saturn’s atmosphere. In the ETHOS Lab, TiP ethnographers will combine long term ethnographic research with realtime collection of the #grandfinale hashtag, and (hopefully) livestreaming from NASA as Cassini’s final communications come through from Saturn. Marisa Cohn has conducted a […]

Irina Shklovski as Panel Participant at UNI conference

Associate Professor, Irina Shklovski, will participate in a panel debate at the UNI conference on the future world of work on disruption and work conditions in engineering on Wednesday 13 September 2017. Theme: The future world of work The Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE)1, UNI partner-organisation is organising a panel debate to present views on engineers’ future […]

TiP Participation at the 4S Conference

PhD fellows in the TiP group will be presenting their papers at this year’s 4S Conference in Boston. Michael Hockenhull will present his paper “The Widening Gyre of Data Infrastructure Development” for the panel Engaging with Data: Making Sense of Data on Wednesday August 30, 4:00 to 5:30pm, Sheraton Boston, 3, Beacon E. Bastian Jørgensen will present the […]

Ethnographic Description and Digital Sociology Seminar with Noortje Marres

Noortje Marres guests the TiP group for a seminar. Taking a point of departure in a chapter from Noortje Marres’ most recent book “Digital Sociology” we invite the participants of this seminar to develop the notion of situated analytics. Specifically, we begin by discussing a couple of pre-circulated readings, focusing on how they help us […]


VIRT-EU at the Techfestival in Copenhagen

The research project VIRT-EU will this year participate in the Tech Festival, which will be held in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. On September the 6th, VIRT-EU and the ThingsCon will throw a ThingsCon Salon about ethics and responsibility in IoT. The ThingsCon Salon The ThingsCon Salon Copenhagen aims to create a space for exploration […]

August 16th STS Salon about IoT and Public Governance

On Wednesday August 16th 2017 at the weekly STS Salon, TiP receives a visit from researchers from the Norwegian research project InfraData. TiP urges faculty and other interested parties to join us for talks about the Internet of Things, public governance and infrastructures. The event takes place at the IT University in room 2A08 from 12 pm […]

tracking, activity, data, device

Article in Science Report about Gorm’s research on activity tracking in the workplace

PhD student Nanna Gorm was interviewed for the digital magazine Science Report about her research on activity tracking in the workplace. In a comparison with American activity tracking initiatives, she argues that Danish companies should learn from the mistakes of the American programmes when planning tracking of their employees’ health, and moreover, she emphasises the salience […]

Head of TiP will give a keynote at Infrastructures for Healthcare on June 23rd

Head of the research group TiP, Brit Ross Winthereik will give a keynote at the international conference, Infrastructures for Healthcare (IHC) on June 23rd 2017. Brit’s talk, entitled “The Assiduous Patient as Infrastructure of Health Care”, will deal with ‘wicked problems’, which are problems with a high degree of complexity like how to best share the responsibilities for patient […]

James Maguire PhD Defence

On Thursday, May 4th between 13:00-16:00 in Auditorium 2, James Maguire will defend his PhD thesis, entitled Icelandic Geopower: Accelerating and Infrastructuring Energy Landscapes. The PhD forms part of the Alien Energy research project, which has been reflecting on the impacts and effects of renewable energy initiatives at the edge, from geothermal energy to marine […]