VIRT-EU at the Techfestival in Copenhagen

The research project VIRT-EU will this year participate in the Tech Festival, which will be held in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. On September the 6th, VIRT-EU and the ThingsCon will throw a ThingsCon Salon about ethics and responsibility in IoT.

The ThingsCon Salon

The ThingsCon Salon Copenhagen aims to create a space for exploration and discussion of ethics and responsibility in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). The event brings together innovators and thinkers from Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere in Europe to share experiences in an informal discussion with the participants.Techfestival

ThingsCon is Europe’s leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things. Started in Berlin it has grown into a global community of likeminded practitioners around the Internet of Things and new hardware.

VIRT-EU is an ITU based research project – short for Values and Ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe. The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 and working to support the development of ethical IoT.

From VIRT-EU Associate Professor Irina Shklovski, Associate Professor Rachel Douglas-Jones, Associate Professor Luca Rossi, PhD fellow Obaida Hanteer and PhD fellow Ester Fritsch will participate. Read more about the project and its members

The event is free of charge and intended for designers, developers and other professionals with a keen interest in IoT.

Register here for the event September 6th from 5.30-7.30 PM

About the Techfestival

The Techfestival is a non-profit initiative exploring a new, progressive agenda on technology. This year it will be held at the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen from September 5-10, 2017.



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