Irina Shklovski as Panel Participant at UNI conference

Associate Professor, Irina Shklovski, will participate in a panel debate at the UNI conference on the future world of work on disruption and work conditions in engineering on Wednesday 13 September 2017.

Theme: The future world of work

The Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE)1, UNI partner-organisation is organising a panel debate to present views on engineers’ future perspectives in the new world of work. They argue that too often the debate about emerging technologies takes place at the extremes of possible responses among those who focus on the potential gains and others who dwell on the potential dangers. They state that the challenge today is to navigate between those two poles and build understanding and awareness of interrelated challenges.

The background for the panel debate is the role and responsibility of engineers to contribute to the informed decisions on the future world of work, as engineers sit in the driving seat of the technological transformation. By fostering innovation, engineers create opportunities, their knowledge could be used to address the intrinsic changes, mitigate threats and secure a smoother shift to the new world of work.

Information about the Panel Debate

The panel debate “Engineers’ view on technological disruption: threats or unique opportunities?” takes place on the 13th of September 9am-10.30am at the Conference Center of the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA Kalvebod Brygge, 31-33, Copenhagen V.

The panel consists of:

  • Trond Markussen, NITO (Norway) and ANE President,
  • Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, President of the SIRI Commission (Denmark),
  • Michael Silberman, Researcher, Project secretary, IG Metall (Germany)
  • Sara Hermansson, Head of electric and hybrid powertrain projects, NEBX Scania CV AB (Sweden)
  • Irina Shklovski, Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen.

Chair: Inese Podgaiska, ANE General Secretary and Jenny Grensman, Sveriges Ingenjörer (Sweden)

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