Head of TiP will give a keynote at Infrastructures for Healthcare on June 23rd

Head of the research group TiP, Brit Ross Winthereik will give a keynote at the international conference, Infrastructures for Healthcare (IHC) on June 23rd 2017.brit portræt

Brit’s talk, entitled “The Assiduous Patient as Infrastructure of Health Care”, will deal with ‘wicked problems’, which are problems with a high degree of complexity like how to best share the responsibilities for patient care across institutional and professional boundaries. STS and CSCW have been thinking about patient work as part of healthcare infrastructures for more than a decade. How to think about new public governance through the lens of patients as part of healthcare’s infrastructures?

In this talk, Brit will revisit previous work on patients who are enrolled as partners and compare with more recent work on digitalized citizen-state interactions. Brit will mobilize this research for a discussion of how to think about how to govern patients who interact in digital environments that are messy and quite hard to surveil. Can we still speak about infrastructures of healthcare, when it is unclear what exactly they transport and who is responsible for the information?

The biennial workshop “Infrastructures for healthcare” is this year to be held at Aarhus University the 22-23 June 2017.


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