DASTS Conference 2018 at the ITU

On May 24th-25th 2018, the ITU hosts the biannual Danish Association for STS (DASTS) Conference. The 2018 DASTS conference is organised by the Technologies in Practice research group.


The theme for the conference is the data moment, and DASTS states the following about their 2018 conference: “Given the speculative and hype infused conjuncture we find ourselves in, this conference encourages an engagement with the making and unmaking, potentials and pitfalls, of data, in all its various nomenclatures, guises and manifestations – data work, data practices, data imaginaries, models and infrastructures, and so forth. The so-called ‘data moment’ poses compelling empirical, theoretical and ethical challenges and is an opportunity to take stock of how STS might engage, and think with, data.”

Read more about the themes and announcement of the conference on DASTS’ website.

Keynote speakers

The keynote speakers have just been announced.

Alberto Corsín Jiménez is Associate Professor at the Spanish National Research Council, and an anthropologist of cities and science.

Amade M’charek is Professor Anthropology of Science at the department of Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam.

Call for papers

There is a call for papers on DASTS’ website. The submission of abstracts is February 1st 2018.

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