“The dangerous, magnificent app” debate at Internetdagen and Dansk IGF 2017 – with Irina Shklovski

Associate Professor, Irina Shklovski, from TiP will be the discussant in a debate at Internetdagen and Danish Internet Governance Forum 2017 on privacy and apps, which will take place on September 12th 2017.

The topic for the discussion is “The dangerous, magnificent app”. With the current state of affairs, app developers are free to collect data about you from their games, quizzes and services, and they can redistribute this data to external parties. The new General Data Protection Regulation will become effective in May 2018, and the purpose of the regulation is to protect our data. Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 14.52.27

With the regulation, will there be imposed more strict rules than today?What kind of consequences will it have for new and existing apps? What can you demand from an app?

TiP’s Irina Shklovski coordinates the EU-funded collaborative project VIRT-EU, examining how IoT developers enact ethics in practice in order to design interventions into the IoT development process to support ethical reflection on data and privacy in the EU. Her projects address online information disclosure, data leakage on mobile devices and the sense of powerlessness people experience in the face of massive personal data collection.
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