TiP at 4S 2019

This year, many members of TiP are attending the international 4S conference, held in New Orleans. The full program is here but to catch TiP people, check out these panels and presentations!




Wednesday September 4, 1-2:30 Vasiliki Markygianni and Vasilis Galis present “Migrants’ Digital Resistance Practices in the Greek Territory and Borderland” on the Digital Border Practices panel

Wednesday September 4th 1-2:30 Vasilis Galis organises the Digital Border Practices panel

Thursday September 5th, 9-9:30 Sunniva Sandbukt  presents “Partners who never meet: an ethnographic perspective on peers and intermediaries in Indonesia’s P2P economy” on State Numerology: Conceptual and Ethnographic Engagements iwth Numbering Practices and Ontologies.

Thursday September 5th 9:45-11:15 Pedro Ferreira presents “Exertion and Escaping the Holiday Rationale: A study of long term cyclists” on the Science, Technology and Sport: Sporting Bodies and Technologies panel

Thursday September 5th 09:45-11:15 John Burnett presents “Sustainable Data Ecosystems for Digital Health: Empowerment and Values in Nordic Platforms” on the Speculation and Innovation in Digital Health panel

Friday September 6th 8-9 – Ester Fritsch presents “The Social Life of Dowse: Ethics and Invisibility in IoT” on the Interrogating Ethics and Values in Technology Design & Engineering Practice.

Friday September 6th, 2:45-4:15 Baki Cakici presents “Can State Surveillance be Otherwise? Unpacking the Politics of Personal Identification Numbers” on the panel Future of Politics and Politics of the Future

Friday September 7th, 9:45-11:15 Baki Cakici organises Future Visions: Unpacking the Technological Imaginaries of Science Fiction

Saturday September 7th, 9:45-11:15 Brit Ross Winthereik organises Infrastructure: Mitigate, Sustain or Vacate?

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