TCS invites talented programmers to join the Codevita competition

Join the global coding contest CodeVita, hosted by TCS, and have the chance to experience the joy of coding and to sharpen your programming skills through real-life computing practices. TCS, Tata Consulting Services, is one of the biggest IT developers in the world and has it’s headquarters in India.

You will be competing against global top coders in the world and have the chance of wining exciting prizes – the 1st prize is $ 10.000 USD. Furthermore, the top teams will have a chance to be a part of TCS research & development.

The contest provides the students a community, an opportunity to earn peer recognition and the chance to have ones programming talent discovered.

CodeVita is a two-member team contest and involves three rounds of coding. Each member has to register individually on the CodeVita portal. CodeVita contest supports coding in 7 languages – Java, C#, C, Perl, C++, Python and Ruby..

The registration deadline is 31st of Oct and can be done here.

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