ToChi paper accepted to be published by the end of the year

TiP researchers: Pernille Bjørn, Stina Matthiesen, and Rasmus Eskild Jensen just got accepted a paper into ToChi – which is the ACM International Journal on Transactions of Computer-Human-Interaction, and the expectation is that it will be published by the end of this year. The paper is an outcome of the NexGSD research project and since ToChi publications have the opportunity to be presented at the CHI conference, the paper will be presenting this paper at the CHI2015 conference in May next year.

Bjørn, P., Esbensen, M., Jensen, R. E., and Matthiesen, S. “Does distance still matter? Revisiting the CSCW fundamentals on distributed collaboration,” ACM Transaction Computer Human Interaction (forthcoming December 2014)

Abstract: Does distance still matter? Reporting on a comparative analysis of four ethnographic studies of global software development, this paper analyzes the fundamental aspects of distance as depicted in the famous paper ‘Distance matters’. The results suggest that – while common ground, collaboration readiness, and organizational management are still important aspects for distributed collaboration – the arguments concerning coupling of work and collaboration technology readiness need to be refined. We argue that in working remotely, closely coupled work tasks encourage the remote workers to spend the extra effort required in articulation of work to make the collaboration function. Also we find that people in distributed software development have already made collaborative technologies part of their work and individuals are comfortable with them, thus collaboration technology readiness takes a different shape in this setting.

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