Data visualizations and radical empiricism

20 June 2014,  10.00 — 16.00hrs.
Venue: 3A20, ITU, Rued Langgaards Vej, København, Denmark.
With the support of Velux Fonden

Adrian Mackenzie (Velux Fonden Visiting Professor, ITU Copenhagen)

Anna Munster (College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney)

Whether they act as persuasive devices, exploratory instruments or as control surfaces (dashboards), the public life of data graphics has expanded vastly in recent years. Little scholarly work addresses this abundance. This workshop will explore in a theoretically and empirically oriented way some of the main tendencies in contemporary data visualizations coming from art, science and industry. It aims to develop some ways of thinking about these visualizations that can critically articulate their place in contemporary visual-information cultures, and at the same time, conceptualise their potential for other forms of collective life. Using examples from science, business and art, workshop participants will work together in developing better empirical analytics for data visualization. The convenors (Anna Munster and Adrian Mackenzie) have worked extensively with the philosopher William James’ notion of radical empiricm in their past work on network experience and infastructures. So James’ notion of experience and radical empiricism will form a common theoretical thread in discussions and activities during the workshop.

Preparatory readings will be made available by 12 June 2014. Participants will also be asked to bring a list of 3 data visualizations relevant to their own interests to the workshop.
Registration: please email Adrian Mackenzie to register.

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