Public Talk by Lucy Suchman: ‘The Fantasy of Social Robots: Reconfiguring the future of care technologies’.

Lucy Suchman, Professor of Anthropology of Science and Technology in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University, gives a public talk at ITU on Friday the 6th of October from 13:00-15:00 in Aud. 4.


Suchman asks: ‘Would you trust a robotLucy Suchman to take care of your grandpa?’ From the promissory rhetorics of robotics labs through the recirculating narratives of public policy and popular media, this question builds on two unexamined premises. The first, widely accepted, is that post/industrialized societies are facing a crisis of care for a growing population of elderly adults. The second, underwritten by a variety of vested interests, is the proposition that – as with other social problems – the solution for this one must be technological.

This talk offers a critical examination of the idea that the future of caregiving lies in the hands of humanlike machines, and suggests an alternative approach to designing with/for care.

Event details

The public talk takes place in Auditorium 4 at 13 o’clock, and after her talk there will be time for a discussion, before we end at 15.
No registration needed.
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