Grant for Anthropology of Technology Research Network

A new research network sees the light of day!

TiP will participate in a research network called “Anthropology of Technology: Future technologies, culture and human practices” that received funding from the Independent Research Council. Anthropology and ethnographic methods are already used to gain insights into human-technology relations in different interdisciplinary fields of technology, but there is no adequate infrastructure for pursuing crosscutting research agendas and placing the research at the international forefront. The research network aims at changing this by bringing together the institutionally scattered research groups and create an outstanding international research environment, strengthen the international competiveness and enhance researchers’ opportunities to take further leadership in interdisciplinary research.

The network is headed by Maja Bruun Hojer at Aalborg University, and is a cooperation between research centers at Aalborg University, the School of Education at Aarhus University, Public Health and Anthropology at University of Copenhagen, Marketing and Management at the University of Southern Denmark and the Technologies in Practice research at the ITU.

Together with Klaus Hoyer’s group at Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, the TiP research group will be responsible for a workshop on ‘Datafication and the power of narrative: anthropology and Big Data’, which will be announced on this site.

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