Data visualizations and radical empiricism

20 June 2014,  10.00 — 16.00hrs. Venue: 3A20, ITU, Rued Langgaards Vej, København, Denmark. With the support of Velux Fonden Adrian Mackenzie (Velux Fonden Visiting Professor, ITU Copenhagen) Anna Munster (College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney) Whether they act as persuasive devices, exploratory instruments or as control surfaces (dashboards), the public life of […]

#OpenIT Spring 2014

Two Technologies in Practice researchers are taking part in this Spring’s OpenIT series, which are talks based on current research. All lectures are open to the public as well as to members of different sections and research groups across the ITU

Tea in TiP: Interview with Visiting Professor Mark Elam

Continuing our series of ‘Tea in TiP’ informal interviews with visitors to the group, here is a conversation with visiting professor Mark Elam. We cover Mark’s professional trajectory, his recent research projects on smoking controversies and the development of nuclear waste management in Sweden, and his plans for future research . Rachel: Hi Mark! Welcome […]

The STS Salon

The Salon meets every Wednesday during the semester to discuss readings, drafts by colleagues, or occasionally hear presentations by visitors.  

Socialising Big Data

PhD course at the IT University: Socialising Big Data Lecturers Adrian Mackenzie, Lancaster University, Velux Visiting Professor at the ITU in 2014 Ruth McNally, Lancaster University Penny Harvey, University of Manchester Evelyn Ruppert, Goldsmiths College, University of London Organisers Brit Ross Winthereik, Technologies in Practice, IT University of Copenhagen Louise Torntoft Jensen, Technologies in Practice, […]

Tea in TiP: Interview with visiting researcher Hanne Cecilie Geirbo

Welcome to the second in our informal interview series with visitors to the research group.
PhD student Hanne Cecilie Geirbo is visiting TiP from the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. She is a member of the Global Infrastructures research group, and will be in Copenhagen between mid January and mid April.

Tea in TiP: Interviews with visiting researchers

This post inaugurates our informal interview series with visitors to the research group. It is called Tea in TiP because interviewees are invited to share a cup of tea and talk about what they hope to work on while visiting the ITU. Our first visitor to take part in the series is Sara Jensen.

Reading group, Fall 2013

Place: IT University of Copenhagen, Room 2A08 26.9, 3-5pm, : Simulation, guest Lucy Suchman Suggested readings “Animation and automation: the liveliness and labours of bodies and machines” by Lucy Suchman and Jackie Stacey in:  Body & Society 2012 18(1): 1-46 “Animation and automation, or, the incredible effortfulness of being” by Vivian Sobchack, in: Screen 2009 […]

Technological and Political Ontologies

Ph.D. course: Technological and Political Ontologies (5 ECTS) Organizers: Andreas Laumand Christensen, James Maguire & Anne-Kathrine Nielsen, IT University of Copenhagen. Course description In recent years, science and technology studies (STS), anthropology and related social scientific fields have taken increasing interest in turning ‘ontology’ into a topic for empirical study (see, e.g., Mol, 2003; Barry, 2005; […]

The art of writing and reviewing papers

Ph.D. course: The art of writing and reviewing papers (5 ECTS) Organizers: Debra Howcroft, Nina Boulus-­‐Rødje, Pernille Bjørn Lecturers: Debra Howcroft (, Manchester Business School Nina Boulus-­‐Rødje (, IT University of Copenhagen, Pernille Bjørn (, IT University of Copenhagen Date of the course: October 10, 2013 (9:00am-­‐5:00pm)-­‐ October 11, 2013 (8:00am-­‐4:00pm) October 31, 2013 (9:00am-­‐5:00pm)-­‐November 1, […]

Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI 2014)

Project group: Lea Schick (Project Manager), Anne Sophie Witzke (Curator), Trine Plambech (Innovation Specialist), and Ida Egedal Henriksson. What if our cities were powered by artfully designed clean energy generators? Is there an important role for public art to play in the new smart city? In a focused effort to provide some interesting answers to […]

Workshop: Participatory Moves as Parasitic Relations in Senior Healthcare – 1 June 2012

Organized by Peter Lutz and sponsored by CareMoves (EU Project) – 1 June 2012 – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm – ITU Design Lab  (registration is full) This experimental workshop establishes a dialogue on research ‘participation’ in senior healthcare practice including ethnography, design and policy. Its impetus is the observation that participatory research practices often configure or ‘aspire’ older people as […]

STS reading group 2012-2014

We are a group of PhD students working within STS setting up a reading group at the IT University. We come together around the study of socio-technical networks with a focus on various publics.

Special issue on screens

A PhD course with Lucy Suchman and Helen Verran organized by TIP in the fall of 2010 forms the basis of this special issue of the journal Encounters. Have a look at and be surprised if you thought you knew all there is to know about screens.

SmartGrids – Intelligent Energiforbrug i Fremtiden

IT University of Copenhagen is hosting an event on Smart Grids on 17 June. Laura Watts will be presenting her research on ‘Relocating Futures of Renewable Energy’ via video link from the International Centre for Island Technology (ICIT), Heriot Watt University, Orkney Islands, Scotland. All are welcome. Date: 17 June Time: 9:30 – 13:00 Download […]

Third international workshop on Infrastructures for healthcare: Global Healthcare

The Third international workshop: Infrastructures for Healthcare is to be held at the IT University of Copenhagen Thursday and Friday June 23rd and June 24th 2011. Co-chairs: Associate professor Pernille Bjørn, Technologies in Practices, IT University of Copenhagen Professor Finn Kensing, Computer Science, Copenhagen University Contact: Further information can be found here: Infrastructures for healthcare

Public lecture by Alexandre Mallard

The TiP group has invited Alexandre Mallard from Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Mines ParisTech. Mallard is involved in a project entitled The Shaping of Markets, where he draws upon Michel Callon and Fabian Muniesa’s work on social studies of finance. In this lecture, Mallard will be talking about some of his work at France Telecom, focusing […]

DemTech: e-Voting Technologies

Investigators: Randi Markussen, Christopher Gad, Nina Boulus Date: 2011 – present Over the last four decades, information technology has begun to transform the electoral process—perhaps the most foundational process upon which democratic societies are built.  Computers are gradually replacing manual parts of the democratic process by, for example, tallying results in Excel spreadsheets, predicting exit […]

Global Software Development

Principal Investigator: Pernille Bjørn Post Doctoral fellow: Lars Rune Christensen Research Assistants: Helle Storm and Rasmus Eskild Jensen. Date: 2010 – present When software companies spread their activities across countries it is essential that the different actors (software developers) have common ground for their collaborative activities. It takes time to develop such common ground, and […]

Global Engineering

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor, Pernille Bjørn Post doctoral Fellow: Lars Rune Christensen Research Assistant: Carina Rothbach Date: 2009 – present In the Global Engineering research project we investigate how Danish and Indian engineers collaborate when engaged in the engineering of factories. When engineering and constructing factories it typically takes about two years and the collaborative […]

Co-Constructing Healthcare and Technology (CIHT)

The CITH research project is a collaborative effort between The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen (KU) and Rigshospitalet. The project focuses on the treatment of patients with ICD at The Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet with the overall goal of improving both the communication and collaboration between all involved parties…

Virtual Teams

The research project Virtual Teams is a longstanding effort of investigating collaboration and use of technology in geographical distributed teams. The project was initiated in 2002 and is still ongoing…

Ingmar Lippert

Assistant Professor
Office 3B08
Phone +45 7218 5151
Research Interests: Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory and After, ontic/ontological politics, sociology of calculation, numbers, performativity of economics, organisation studies, environmental management, environmental accounting, environmental practices, carbon, climate change, Pierre Bourdieu, libertarian theory and practice.

HealthcareIT (HIT)

HealthcareIT is a project funded by the Danish Research Agency, Programme Committee for IT Research. The project focuses on IT for the support of communication and collaboration in a highly distributed heterogeneous network of healthcare professionals and patients/citizens…

Framing Screens Workshop

Instrumental ethnography: An ethnography of (quasi)objects

This collaborative project focuses on ethnography in STS. The project takes seriously the void encountered between theoretical insights about what sociotechnical networks are and how they work, and the existing tools to explore such networks…

Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

The project is a collaborative effort between ITU, Simon Fraser University and a Canadian Pediatric Hospital focusing on the work practice and re-configurations of technology for Emergency Departments…

Lea Schick

PhD. Fellow
Office: 3C12
Phone: +45 7218 5317

Research interest: Ubiquitous computing, sustainability, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-network theory (ANT), architecture, ecology, social anthropology, cultural studies, social and cultural theory, post-structuralism, communication theory, gender studies, social media, Philosophy of Science and Technology.

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