HealthcareIT (HIT)

HealthcareIT is a project funded by the Danish Research Agency, Programme Committee for IT Research. It ran from 2004 until 2007 and was a collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and Roskilde University.

Participants from the IT University were:

  • Brit Ross Winthereik
  • Kjeld Schmidt
  • Nis Johannsen
  • Hrönn Sigurdardottir
  • Martin Scheil Corneliussen
  • Karen Marie Lyng

External partners were:

  • Danish Public Health Portal (
  • The Health and Care Committee of City of Copenhagen (Sundhedsforvaltningen i Københavns Kommune)
  • H:S Informatik

The project focuses on IT for the support of communication and collaboration in a highly distributed heterogeneous network of healthcare professionals and patients/citizens. The main purpose is to develop conceptual frameworks, design principles, prototypes, methods and tools to support the design, implementation and use of collaborative healthcare information systems. The project starts out from empirical studies of existing systems and practices.

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