Virtual Teams

Investigator Pernille Bjørn, Assistant Professor

Date 2002 – present

The research project Virtual Teams is a longstanding effort of investigating collaboration and use of technology in geographical distributed teams. The project was initiated in 2002 and is still ongoing. The focus is on the challenges in establishing a social context between dispersed participants, adapting collaborative technologies, and how geographical distributed participants enact groupware technology in negotiations. Some of the recent publications shared meaning and communications breakdowns (Bjørn and Ngwenyama, 2008) and the dynamics in distributed teams (Ngwenyama and Bjørn, 2009). The next step is to initiate new empirical studies of geographical distributed teams working with software processes.


Bjørn, P. and O. Ngwenyama (2008). “Virtual Team Collaboration: Building Shared Meaning, Resolving Breakdowns and Creating Translucence.” Information Systems Journal.

Ngwenyama, O. and P. Bjørn (2009). “Interrogating the dynamics of distributed collaboration: Findings from four field studies on CSCW use.” Journal of Information Technology.

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