Global Engineering

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor, Pernille Bjørn

Post doctoral Fellow: Lars Rune Christensen

Research Assistant: Carina Rothbach

Date: 2009 – present

In the Global Engineering research project we investigate how Danish and Indian engineers collaborate when engaged in the engineering of factories. When engineering and constructing factories it typically takes about two years and the collaborative effort of 300 engineers from the contract is signed until the factory is erected at the location. In this process there are a large number of shared activities, which are highly interdependent and coupled by nature. These activities need to be coordinated, and in this project we focus in particular on how the collaborative coordination activities between the engineers are handled. In this work, we focus in particular on how the engineers apply a War Room concept into the global collaborative planning activities handling the coordination. War Room as part of coordination effort have been found to support collaboration previously, however nobody have yet investigated how the War Room concept can be used in a none-collocated setting – and we know less about how we can design collaborative technologies for this type of setting.

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