TiP at 4S/EASST Barcelona

This year, a huge number of members of our research group will be presenting and convening tracks at the EASST/4S conference in Barcelona, August 31st-September 3rd. Here’s a list (updated):

T065 The Experimental Organization: Becoming by Doing, co-convened by Brit Winthereik

Critique: In Organizational Experiment a paper by Brit Winthereik and Christopher Gad, on T065

Managing Danish pupils’ well-being: An emerging numerical expertise and its contestations a co-authored paper by Christopher Gad on T045 New Collective Practices of Measurement, Monitoring and

Cutting and calculating political authority a paper by Anne Kathrine Pihl Vadgaard, on T036 Social Studies of Politics: Making Collectives by All Possible Means

Shaping accountabilities for erroneously enacted environmental evidence a paper by Ingmar Lippert, on T025 Imaginaries and Materialities of Accountabilities: Exploring practices, collectives and spaces

Holding on and letting go – temporal regimes of infrastructure care work a paper by Marisa Cohn on T007 Before/after/beyond breakdown: exploring regimes of maintenance

Art-and-energy convolutions, a paper by Lea Schick on T012 The Event of the Public: Convolutions of Aesthetic and Epistemic Practice

T085 Infrastructures, subjects, politics a panel co-convened by Vasilis Galis

Undoing the border: digital and material reconfigurations of routes and spaces for migrants/refugees, a paper by Vasilis Galis, Jane Summerton and Aristotle Tympas on T085 Infrastructures, subjects, politics

Biometric registration of refugees in Greek borders in times of crisis, a paper by Vasileios-Spyridon Vlassis on T085 Infrastructures, subjects, politics

From quantified to curious self: questioning underlying assumptions of activity tracking a paper by Nanna Gorm on T102 Everyday Analytics: The politics and practices of self-monitoring

Marble and Portuguese rocks: spot-making practices in Brazilian street skateboarding a paper by Pedro Ferreira on T004 STS and Planning: Research and practice intervening in a material world

T174 Interactive Round Table: Does STS Have Problems? invited Laura Watts and Ingmar Lippert as discussants

T155 Islands on the Cutting Edge :Test sites for Re-imagining Future Technoscience a panel co-convened by Laura Watts

The Electric Nemesis, tale from the energy Islands Saga a paper by Laura Watts on T155 Islands on the Cutting Edge: Test sites for Re-imagining Future Technoscience

For a preview of this panel, see here for blog post.

Meet ‘Wanna Wonder the Academia’ and ‘The Electric Nemesis’, improvisation on 2 September, Coffee break before the plenary, 17.30-18.00, First floor coffee break area.

The Electric Nemesis in development, via @laurawatts



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