Günter Getzinger

The Future of Mobility – Environmental Futures Public Lecture

TiP’s Environmental Futures Seminar Series announces its first Public Lecture:

The Future of Mobility an Environmental Futures Public Lecture
by Günter Getzinger (Graz/Klagenfurt) on October 28, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM @ Room 5a60.


Mobility behavior of young adults at the age of 16 to 36 year – the so-called generation Y – are substantially different to those of former generations. The most important trends are the increasing use of public transport, bikes and different types of carsharing, bikesharing, and ridesharing, and the decreasing attractiveness of drivers licenses and cars.

Perhaps the most important impact on mobility comes from the permanent and mobile availability of the internet, via smartphones, and its extensive use. Examples for the mobility behavior changing, public transport oriented use of smartphones are: routing (optimized, multimodal mobility-chains), timetables, booking, reservations, ticketing, navigation, function as a key, communication, information, e-learning, entertainment (audio/video), ordering, payment.

These functions are supported by increasingly convenient apps and user surfaces, plus permanent availability of WiFi. From this background, and keeping in mind the imperative of decarbonization, a vision of future mobility will be drawn.

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