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TiP Lexicon:


TiP Lexicon:

Technologies in Practice is one of Scandinavia’s leading research groups at the intersection of IT and society. Based at the IT University of Copenhagen, we conduct qualitative studies of technologically mediated practices in organisations and everyday life.

The vast majority of societal challenges demand critical engagement with contemporary technologies.

Our interdisciplinary environment provides students and researchers with the resources necessary for analysing entanglements of the social and technical with and through IT.


New Book by TiP and Friends!

A collective piece of work, in the form of a collection of short writings on thinking, making, and intervening in technology worlds, recently came out. Under the title “Reclaiming Technology: a poetic-scientific vocabulary”, the initiators Brit Ross Winthereik and James Maguire asked members of the TiP group, as well as affiliated externals, to contribute with […]

New project in: DIGI-FRONT

Big congratulations to PI Irina Papazu and Co-PI Jessamy Perriam, who landed a significant funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark for their new project Transnational Collaboration at the Digital Frontier (DIGI-FRONT). This project will investigate the potential implications of the pursuit of the digital state in an international context. The digitalization of the welfare state […]

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    Super proud of TiP member Irina Papazu for winning the Freeman Award, with co-editor Andreas Birkbak for the book "Democratic Situations". The prize will be awarded at the #EASST4S24 conference - for mroe see here
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    Wondering what to go and see at 4S/EASST this year? Take a look at the TiP Panels and presentations - quick summary here. #EASST4S24


We are an interdisciplinary group, with a shared interest in qualitative studies of technologically mediated practices. Our work is funded by the Danish Research Council, European Union's Horizon 2020 program, Carlsberg Foundation, Innovation Foundation, Novo Nordisk and the Velux Foundation.


We closely integrate our role as educators with our work as a research group. Our international faculty use insights from around the world in their teaching. Our teaching draws on disciplinary backgrounds such as information studies, history, anthropology, sociology, and critical computer science. We aim to help students address the critical questions arising at the intersection of society and technology.