New Research Project: Welfare after Digitalization

Researchers in TiP, Associate Professor Vasilis Galis and Professor Brit Ross Winthereik, are leading the new research project Welfare after Digitalization. 

The aim of Welfare after Digitalization is to investigate how institutional values, digital affordances, and organizational politics are imagined and embedded in digital welfare services, as well as experienced and practiced by citizens, public servants and developers of digital infrastructures across the public sector in Denmark. To do so, the proposed Core Group focuses on the social and technical transformations afforded by digitalization in the crucial nodes that form and shape the welfare state.Through different means of contrasting and comparing across sectors, Welfare after Digitalization will be the first major research project to undertake a comprehensive study of welfare in practice, and of its consequences for citizens’ relations to welfare institutions in a digitalized state.

In four sub-projects, the researchers will use ethnographic, historical and technical methods to investigate the consequences of digitization in four core areas of the Danish welfare system: the police, the health care system, primary schools and the municipal administrations.

For more information about the project, see here.

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