“Datapolitics is more than GDPR and privacy, we also need to talk about climate” – new research initiative ‘The Digital Anthropocene’

With a moderate climate, a stable electricity grid and a central location in Europe, Denmark’s growing data center industry offers ideal conditions that big tech companies have long been looking for. As tech giants, like Google, Facebook and Apple, place their servers in Denmark in order to store data from European users, questions regarding climate issues need to be posed towards this new field of Denmark’s industry.

“When we talk about climate, we talk about air travel, meat and clothing, but not about the digital. But we should.”
says assistant professor at IT University James Maguire,

To create knowledge and awareness about this linkage of digital development and climate change, TiP Professors James Maguire and Rachel Douglas-Jones have formed the new research initiative ‘The Digital Anthropocene’.

To find out more about the initiative, check out the article here. [in Danish]

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