AnTech Seminar: Changing Communities and New Collectivities Shaped by Technology

The Research Network for the Anthropology of Technology hosts their first seminar on May 2-3 2018.

On the first day, there will be a grand opening of the network with keynote lectures by Prof. Kirsten Hastrup, Copenhagen University and Prof. Marianne Lien, Oslo University, a roundtable discussion on the anthropology of technology beyond universities and opportunities for networking.

On the second day, the workshop theme is “Changing communities and collectivities shaped by technology” and there will be a keynote by Prof. Jennifer Robertson, University of Michigan.

Read more about the seminars and sign up here (before April 6th 2018)

The Research Network for the Anthropology of Technology unites anthropologists who work with research in different technology fields in universities, strategic research agencies and consultancies. Anthropologists conducting research in technology are gaining increasing prominence within many different interdisciplinary research fields: from health and medical technologies to biotechnology and robotics, to climate change, energy, infrastructure, media and telecommunication, and big data. Anthropological theory and ethnographic fieldwork methods have proven to be especially useful and sought-after in understanding human-technology relations in these domains, as well as in commercial and industrial technology development.

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