New Book release by ITU researcher Pernille Bjørn

New Book release by ITU researcher Pernille Bjørn: “Sociomaterial-Design: Bounding Technologies in Practice” takes on the challenge of redefining design practices through insights from the emerging debate on sociomateriality. It does so by bringing forward a comparative examination of two longitudinal ethnographic studies of the practices within two emergency departments – one in Canada and one in the United States of America. A particular focus is placed upon the use of current collaborative artefacts within the emergency departments and the transformation into digital artefacts through design.

The book investigates theoretically and empirically what it means to design technological artefacts while embracing the large number of practices which practitioners engage with when handling technologies. The authors discusses the fields of design and sociomateriality through their shared interests towards the basic nature of work, collaboration, organization, technology, and human agency, striving to make the debates and concepts originating in each field accessible to each other, and thus moving sociomateriality closer to the practical concerns of design and providing a useful analytical toolbox to information system designers and field researchers alike.

* Introduces the emergent research field of sociomateriality as relevant for design of collaborative technologies

* Offers a unique and multidisciplinary insight into practice studies based upon collaboration between designers and social scientists

* Provides a unique analytical perspective on the design and use of technologies in healthcare practices

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