Shut Up and Write at ITU

The TiP writing group Shut Up and Write is a recurring event taking place on most Wednesday afternoons during the semester. Researchers meet up and to write on their individual research in the company of fellow researchers. Writing sessions are combined with tea and cake breaks.

The TiP writing group #shutupandwrite was started in January 2014, by Rachel Douglas-Jones and a band of brave TiP doctoral students. Here’s the documentary evidence of our first event.

Shut up and write ITU Technologies in Practice

It has continued (more or less) every Wednesday afternoon during the semester, and has been supplemented by large amounts of tea, coffee and cake. The #shutupandwrite movement within academia was popularised by the inimitable Inger Mewburn, now director of research training at The Australian National University, and her blog the Thesis Whisperer (“just like the horse whisperer – but with more pages”). To find out more about it, see her write ups here, here and one from Tseen Khoo here.


If you are interested in joining the writing group one Wednesday afternoon, please contact Sunniva Sandbukt,