Reimagining Digital Infrastructures – workshop series by James Maguire and InfinIT

On 4th December 2019, James Maguire and InfinIT held the first workshop of the workshop series Reimagining Digital Infrastructures here at ITU.

The series of workshops, funded by InfinIT (Innovationsnetværk for IT), aims to consider new ways of creating more ethically inflected digital futures.

The first workshop was an exploration of ways in which digital infrastructures mediate societal relationships. At this event, the participants probed the impact of contemporary data practices on a range of societal actors and forms. Through a series of short talks and group discussions, the emergence of a number of new technologies and practices that could, potentially, alter the future of our digital landscape have been explored. The ambition is to collectively re-imagine these futures through the lens of digital infrastructures.

Participants from various backgrounds were invited – including the public sector, the data centre industry, academia, design and innovation clusters, as well as other members of civic society. Each of these participants bring their own particular perspective to bear on how we might work collectively across sectors to intervene in the reshaping of our increasingly more digitalised society.

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