New research project: Using technology to increase Rohingya refugee’s access to healthcare

Associate Professor in TiP Lars Rune Christensen and PhD fellow Hasib Ahsan are leading a new project on how digital applications can support the humanitarian staff in Rohingya refugee camps.
The project Rohingya mHealth: Increasing Access to Healthcare for the Rohingya Community in the Refugee Camps in Bangladesh is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. In collaboration with the Bangladesh-based NGO Friendship the project aims to improve the reach of healthcare services in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh by using technology.

The project expects three specific outcomes by June 2020:

– A digital tool that paramedics (and refugees) can use to screen and refer refugees with mental health issues to treatment at clinics within the camps.
– An application that supports parents in giving their babies and small children the best available diet.
– Update of the already existing platform, MHealth, a mobile application that supports doctors and paramedics in identifying and locating the refugees with the most urgent needs for treatment.

Read more about the background and aims of project here.



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