Presentation by Galis, Makrygianni and Vlassis at CES workshop

Associate Professor Vasillis Galis, Postdoc Vasiliki Makrygianni and PhD student Vasilis Vlassis participated and presented their work at the international workshop “How can Science and Technology Studies help to reflect on the political crisis associated with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers?” which was held on 26 – 28 September 2018, at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal.

They participated in “Session 1: Data-infrastructures and the ontological transformation of borders” with a presentation called “Trajectories of databases: Intricacies in the use of biometric databases in the EU’s migration regime”.

The workshop was organised by Nina Amelung (EXCHANGE project, CECS, Uminho) and Gaia Giuliani ((DE)OTHERING), Cristiano Gianolla, Joana Sousa Ribeiro, Olga Solovova, and was initiated by the Inter Thematic group on Migration (ITM, CES-UC).

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