Shklovski and Grönvall’s Creepy Leaks Machine in Politiken

TiP’s Irina Shklovski, Associate Professor, was interviewed for the Danish newspaper ‘Politiken’ about the Creepy Leaks machine that she and Erik Grönvall, Associate Professor in the Digital Design department at the ITU, developed together.


As part of ‘Forskningens Døgn’ where ITU opened the doors for visitors to show what kind of research goes on at the university, the Creepy Leaks machine was there to physically remind people of what happens when their personal data is leaked to third parties.

Access the article here (in Danish)

The machine sends electronic impulses through your body when you use apps that without your knowing of it share
data with other companies. According to Politiken’s reporter, it was an ongoing stream of small shocks he felt in his own body, as he browsed through sites and apps.

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