Dear TIP – Retirement Randi Markussen

On the occasion of her retirement, Randi Markussen issued the following message to the Technologies in Practice research group. 

Dear TiP

Thank you to all of you who participated in the reception and contributed to making it such an extraordinary fine event. I cannot think of a better way of celebrating retirement.
And thanks for the wonderful gifts. Glyptoteket is one of my favourite places and I already  planned to go there regularly with my grandson when I retired.
I also appreciate Sherry very much.
In addition, I am very grateful for the attention and sympathy everybody have shown to me in connection with my disease and recovery. As I mentioned in my speech I am so happy to see “how TiP has developed into an internationally known vibrant group, with important scholars as visitors and as regular members, and with a lively and supportive everyday life, that I really have enjoyed.”
I am happy I will be a guest for the next six months.
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